Monday, September 19, 2011

"Like a rolling stone..."

Hey people,

Some quick news that's sad, courtesy of

Tom Wilson Sr., creator of the long-running comic strip Ziggy, passed away Sept. 16. According to the news, Wilson, 80, had suffered from a long illness and died in his sleep. For more than 35 years, Wilson served as a creative director at American Greetings. Wilson first published Ziggy in the 1969 cartoon collection When You’re Not Around. The Ziggy comic panel, syndicated by Universal Uclick (formerly Universal Press Syndicate), launched in 15 newspapers in June 1971. It now appears in more than 500 daily and Sunday newspapers and has been featured in best-selling books, calendars and greeting cards. Wilson’s son, Tom Wilson Jr., took over the strip in 1987.

Sad indeed. You'll be missed Mr.Wilson.

I watched at least 2 hours of the Emmy's last night, and was diffinately surprised at some of the people who won, and really glad for the rest of the actors/shows that won.

Modern Family and Mad Men pretty much swept up all of the awards, just like they did last year. I'm a big fan, as is my wife, of Modern Family, so I'm glad they cleaned up real nice @ the Emmy's.

Although I must admit that I, as well as a a lot of other people feel I'm sure, that Steve Carrel should have won an Emmy last night. Seeing as how this was his 6th, and possibly last Emmy nomination, you'd think he would've finally won it, but no. Maybe next year Steve.

Also, legendary actress, Francis Bay,  best known for playing Happy Gilmore's grandmother in Happy Madison, dies over the weekend. She was 95 years-old, God Bless her.

Finally, I attempt to answer a question that's probably plagued Fantastic Four fans for years; especially fans of The Thing: How does he, you know, have sex?

Here's the man himself on how he sees the whole thing:

 TMI Man!, TMI!

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Dale Bagwell said...

-Cool, I'll be sure to check it out, especially since I too miss Jerry Springer.

-As for the Thing's thing, yeah he maybe, but w/ all that rock coverage, how could you tell? I guess only his Rabbi would know.

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