Thursday, September 08, 2011

Greetings from the far side...

Here's a quick one for today folks, enjoy!

Fish! It's what's for dinner....or not:

And now gracing the stage for a limited time, but coming to a theatre near you:

or version:
That last one's for my wife; she gets it.


Dan said...

Ha that Green Lantern one almost made me spray my milk laughing! I'll never look at seafood the same...

As for the Riddler, he's one of my reasons I became a comic nut. Dam him and his interactive riddles!

Dale Bagwell said...

Thanks for the kind words Dan. I just saw the picture in a book and I have and instantly thought of a fish joke. I guess I could've used Aquaman too, but Tomar-Tu seemed a better fit.

As for the Riddler, well just look at the figure. Who wouldn't want that version? I like this one over his other figure.

StarryPluto said...

My baby is so creative and funny <3

Dale Bagwell said...

Did I do good momma, did I do good?
Yeah I did.

David H. said...

mmmmmm all i have is fish sticks to eat tonight. well Dale, looks like your the man who has everything. your wife's not just a another pretty face but also leaves nice messages for you on your blog. i'd like to have someone like that in my life but if my enemies knew i had someone special they'd stop at nothing to get to me through her. so i have to settle for casual dating and one night stands. this is my gift, this is my curse.

Dale Bagwell said...

-Don't worry D, I'm sure you'll find
your very own Shiksas Goddess soon.

And thanks for the kind words about my wife; I'm sure she'll get a kick out of them.