Tuesday, September 13, 2011

"I need a hero, I'm holding out for a hero 'till the end of the night...."

Hey people,

2 bits of serious stuff, I guess:

Michelle Bachman vs. Rick Perry:

Presidential nominee Bachman blasts other presidential nominee Perry, for being in the pockets of the well-known drug company Merck since they were known to make a sizable donation to his campaign.
Isn't that what we've come to expect from politicians? They're nothing more than public figure-head lobbyists. How else are they going to afford flying from one campaign rally to another, kissing babies and making false promises? Duh!

So Bachman(who'd be cooler if she was from Bachman Turner Overdrive) is calling the kettle black by ostracizing Perry(Who'd be cooler if he was related to either Joe Perry of Aerosmith or Steve Perry from Journey) for being in the pockets of some corporation? Really? Isn't that what you politicians do?

Silly Bachman, stop taking political advice from Sarah Palin. She can't even decide if she wants to run or not.

Also, I was watching on the Today Show, this really cool footage of everyday Samaritans helping a motorcyclist who crashed into an automobile. It turns out that 21 year-old Brandon Wright was traveling near the Utah State college campus, when a black BMW pulled out in front of him. He swerved to avoid being hit, but crashed into the BMW anyway, causing a fire. Local samaritans saw what happened and attempted to pull him out. 1st 5 people tried to lift the car he was pinned under, than a dozen or more so finally lifted the car enough for someone to pull Wright out. He's in critical conditon, but I think he'll pull through.
Just shows you how powerful the human spirit is when used for good like this.

The link for the video is here:

Alright now that that is out of the way.......
I'd figure I 'd dig through some old issues of Wizard Magazine and pull out some gems I might find.
Like in #157, where they do a brief spotlight on a goofy throwaway comic that Marvel did called "Captain America meets the Asthma Monster."

I swear to you it actually exists! Here's the cover to prove it:
Apparently back in 1988, nothing scarred or plagued the world worse than a case of an Asthma attack!

In this little one and done, it's revealed that Captain America, or a young Steve Rogers, used to have asthma. Really? So it wasn't enough to say he was too weak, too scrawny, and just plain not good enough to fight for his country, but he also had asthma? I guess that's the real reason the US Gov 4-F'd his ass back in the day.
Anyway he kicks the bad guys' ass who goes around giving people asthma attacks.

If this was an HIV issue does that mean the villain would go aroiund giving people HIV/AIDS? Now that's nail-biter of an issue!

Getting back to the topic,so that means all this time, all the Red Skull or Dr. Faustus had to do in order to defeat Cap was cause him to have an asthma attack. Good to know for future reference.....Maybe I'll just send Herr Skull that link.......


googum said...

There was a similiar Cap one, I had as a kid, about conserving energy. Crap, I might have to ebay that now...

David H. said...

the first Reb. debate was pretty amusing it was fun watching them go after each other like that. Huntsmen was the only one who sounded semi-reasonable but ron paul sounded more like a leftist lunatic fringe then any republican i've ever known. i'm not feeling inclined to give Obama my vote again and since i've never voted republican i'm more likely to write in Amanda Waller on my ballot next year and post it on my SS blog at this rate. by the way Dale i saw your last comment and responded accordingly and left you a link to something you and your wife will like.

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