Wednesday, September 07, 2011

It's wet, it's wild, it's Liquid Television!?

Bonus Post today:

As I was laying restless in bed last night trying in vain to sleep, my mind kept buzzing with thought after thought.
One of those thoughts included the little-respected gem of a show that was featured on MTV in the mid-90's:

Yes, Liquid Television, the show so weird, ground-breaking, and ahead of its time that even if it came back, it'd still go over current TV viewer's heads. If you still don't remember this show, this might help jog your memory:

I discovered LT around '95, and couldn't believe how weird and wonderful it all was! It's one of many shows around that era/time-frame to scar and corrupt my poor little brain, and cause me to turn out like the well-adjusted adult I am today. Kidding.

Also around this time, MTV's Oddities was on, featuring The Head and Sam Keith's The Maxx from Image Comics.
These were all little various animated shorts that sometime had a theme, but mostly didn't. I've heard the show described as perfect for stoners, and that sounds about right.

Don't forget pople, there's actual dvd sets/volumes of the show still out there, so go get 'em.

I'll leave with some of the more popular shorts so you can get a small taste of the wonderful weirdness that just permated from the show.

Your welcome.


David H. said...

hey Dale, sorry to go off topic here but being a fan of Swamp Thing fan i thought you might like a heads up on my Swamp Thing #1 review on Youtube. you can find a link at the SS blog in today's posting.

Dale Bagwell said...

Nice review big D. I agree w/ you about not fully getting Alan Moore while you're 12. He wrote/writes for adults more so than kids, but is still worth reading.

Idk what Johns' overall plan was for BD and Swamp Thing; maybe it sounded better in the conception/written phase, but was very poorly executed, hence why the Aftermath mini-series made no sense and ultimately bombed, like you said due to poor logic/explanations. Seriously, why would Holland work as a construction worker when he used to be a freaking scientist?
I just think after BD, Didio and co. were simply more concerned about the reboot/relaunch than actually building off the whole forced ST reveal, which myself and others still contend came out of nowhere.

I also agree w/ you that Anton Arcane could be returning. It would make sense that if Holland can return, Arcane would too!

David H. said...

thanks Dale, i also saw your other comment about putting a voice with the SS blog now. i was under the impression you had seen some of my other vids before. if you liked my ST review your gonna love these:
here's my caustic review of Transformers 3:

here's a drama filled confrontation i had with some terror supporting leftists in SF:

and here's a recap of the Suicide Squad mythology:

David H. said...

HOLY SHIT Dale you gotta check out this video of this guy . . or possibly gal in a well done Joker costume and make up discussing the new costume for Harley Quinn. this person goes all out on the Joke mannerisms and voice from the Paul Dini Batman cartoon:

Dale Bagwell said...

I posted my response on your blog, but here it is on mine:

-As to comment on the Israel in the Gardens S.F. June 2011 palestinian thugs video, crazy man!

They just made themselves look foolish and idiotic by calling you a racist and a motherfucker for no real reason. Not only can it clearly be shown that you in no way were being rude, provactive, or even confrontational, but it instead showed the small-mindedness and ignorance that easily prevails in their own minds.

In fact, my wife was just telling me about this guy who was either w/Hamas, or simply sympathetic to their cause, and how he claimed that "9/11 never happened and was fabricated by the US Government as an excuse to invade Iraq".

Some people right. I figure he either truly in his heart believes that, or he's just trying stir up shit. Either way, I highly doubt he'd go to NY and say that in front of New Yorkers, especially cops or firefighters. I can't promise he'd be able to physically walk out of that area in one piece.

-As for the Joker video, man that was crazy! I still can't figure out whether that was a chick or guy. She/He does deserve an E for effort for the performance, but she/he's no Mark Hammil! To me and I'm sure many others, Mark Hammil's Joker is the quintessential joker of any medium.
But thanks for bringing the video to my attention.

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