Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Everybody Hates Barry?

Today's going to be a quick one folks.
As per today's title, I'm going to focus on Barry Allen, The SA and current Flash. For those who don't already know, Barry was revealed to be the "villain" of the whole Flashpoint debacle, thus you'd expect his friends and allies to be rightly pissed off at him for causing the whole reboot/relaunch deal. If not, they damn well should and do in my imaginative world, especially since there isn't any Dan Didio or Geoff Johns action figures laying around.

So here's a quick showing of how Barry's peers/co-workers feel about him.

"Can you feel the love tonight......"


StarryPluto said...

If they only knew where that tiny fist has been? LOL
That's ok, b/c we know ;-)

Dale Bagwell said...

Ewwww that's nasty Peter!

googum said...

If I was Flash, anyone asks, tell them they were molested in the old timeline.

Dale Bagwell said...

What!? As funny as that would be coming from Barry's actual lips, who would he say that to?

Stay golden Googum-boy, stay golden.

David H. said...

hey that was pretty good Dale about the letter in your gag here. i only read the clip art as opposed to the actual issue but the letter was a pretty moving scene.
some guy started up a Bronze Tiger blog last night in case your interested:

Dan said...

Thats awesome stuff Dale - love Manhunters quipp about being replacedd by Cyborg!

Nice one!!

Dale Bagwell said...

-Dave, thanks for the kind, kind words. I try man, I try.

I check out that blog then, so thanks for bringing it to my attention. Have you yourself bought the DCUC Bronze Tiger figure yet?

-Dan, thanks for stopping by. Like I said, I try. And I also believe Manhunter being skipped over by Cyborg is BS. Just because Cyborg was placed on the Super-Friends(JLA) doesn't mean he should graduate to the big leagues. Well, at least that's what I think.

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