Wednesday, September 28, 2011

DC(U) Follies

So, I recently found out who the 15 nominees to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame are, and I'm very happy.

Amongst those listed for consideration are: Guns n' Roses, The Cure, Donovon(about time) Heart(again, about time), Donna Summer, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Beastie Boys, and more!

Obviously it's time GnR, RHCP, and the Beastie Boys made it in, not to mention it's a crime that Donovon and Heart aren't already in.

The actual voting doesn't begin until December, so we'll have to wait until then or spring of next year to see who's in.

All I have to say is, thank god Rush isn't included for consideration. Say what you want, but they suck, and so does their music! They sound(and look) like a bunch of D&D playing nerds!

Wait, what was that you said Reed Richards?
That's what I thought you said. Wow, RR really doesn't care for Rush huh? Who knew?

And now on to the rest of the follies:

"Something about Lex"

-On a side note, I can't believe that the Riddler figure is actually taller than Lex. I wonder who's responsible for that fuck up.

And finally,
"Devil with a blue dress on"


googum said...

I have weird holes in my pop-culture knowledge: Road House came up today, and I've never seen it. Rush, the same. Only the vaguest notion. Now, the Cure...

How did the heads pop off on those two? Pretty easy? I'm really skittish about it with DCUC, for some reason.

Dan said...

You should do a blog of these character skits - they are insanely cool. Ol' Blue Devil. The new Aquaman?

Dale Bagwell said...

-David, sorry man, but there's very few rock bands that I can't stand and will change the channel if they come on, and for me Rush is one of those bands.

-Pookie, I know right? And that's why we're classic rock soulmates.

-Goo, there's 2 methods for swapping heads:

1). You can use a hair-dryer to heat up the heads/pegs.

2). You can boil water in either a bowl or cup. You then dip the figure's heads in for a minute or 2, and then you can pop their heads off.

I was nervous as first too, but the heads actually came off pretty easily. Lex has a small peg hole though, while Riddler has a normal-sized one, so he wasn't a problem.
You should do it if you want, it's not that hard. Just be careful is all.

-Dan, Thanks for the kind words/suggestions. I guess I might, although I didn't really think to make another more involved sketch for him, but what the hell.

The new Aquaman you say? We'll see huh?

Thanks again for all the comments.

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