Wednesday, May 18, 2011

"Your Cheatin' Heart....."

Wow what a week so far huh? Former California Governer, Arnold Schwarzenegger just revealed this week to that not only did he cheat on his wife Maria Shriver(which we all figured that),and not only was it with the family housekeeper that lived with the Scharzenegger family for 20 years, but that he had a child with the housekeeper! Apparently the Governator had a love child with the woman in 2001, two years before he ran for governor. He's been paying child support all this time, but how he managed to keep the whole affair secret until now I'll never know. Yes folks, Arnold's now joining the now time-honored tradition of cheating politicians. I feel for his wife and kids, who know have to reconcile the fact that not only did their dad cheat, but that there's a new addition to the family. I wonder what they'll get him for Father's Day?

Yes, it's shit like this that gives men everywhere a bad name. Women already call us dogs and pigs, and Wonder Woman wants to castrate us obviously, and who can blame them?

Speaking of well-known horndogs, check this guy out:

Now that I'd pay to see happen in comic.

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