Friday, May 06, 2011

Office Talk

Hope everyone recovered from their Cinco De Mayo celebrations yesterday. I didn't really party myself since it was a weekday, but that just means I'll drink a little today and tomorrow instead. Actually I've done my share of drinking over the last few weeks, so a small break won't hurt. 

I watched The Office last night despite Heather and I both agreeing not to. It's just not the same show without Steve Carell and it shows. I've come to really and strongly dislike Will Farrell as an actor lately, and his temporary replacement of Carell helped to cement that feeling. The writers came up with an out for him, and while I wish it was written differently, the effect was the still the same. He now has a good reason for no longer being able to be the new boss, so now it looks like Dwight's going to step up and finally be the boss just like he's always wanted. This too is temporary, but at least it's in-house and isn't a total stretch of credibility. New replacements will be shopped around in the forms of Jim Carey(no!!!!) James Spader, Will Arnett, Ray Romano, and Ricky Gervais. Personally, I'd go with the man who was responsible for the whole Office franchise in the first place: Ricky Gervais. Yes, Hollywood's kind of soured on him after how bad he roasted the stars during this year's Golden Globes, but that doesn't mean he isn't funny. Just look at his only on-air appearance on the show and his quick discussion with what constitutes funny with Steve Carell, and you'll see why he'd be the ideal new boss for Scranton. Heather and I both believe he'd be a worthy successor, and hopefully the show's writers will come to the same conclusion. Oh well, at least there's Parks and Recreation. I've slowly warmed up to this show, and now in its current season, it's funny as hell and a very worthy successor to The Office if and when it ends.

See, even these guys are weighing in on the matter!

Have a good weekend bitches!!!!!

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