Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Flash.....Point!

So crazy times all alright huh? Ashton Kutcher replaces Charlie Sheen on 2 and Half Men, Donald Trump wisely decides not to run after showing he couldn't handle the media scrutiny, and

That reminds me, there's another crazy world out there called Flashpoint out there. In that world, Barry Allen no longer has his powers but his mother's alive, Cyborg takes Superman's place as that world's #1 hero, Batman is Bruce Wayne's father, Thomas Wayne, WW's castrated and killed all British men, and Aquaman's sunk most of Europe. Whew, that's alot to take in. Now if you think things are tough for us, imagine how tough things are for our poor heroes:

Have a good day


StarryPluto said...

Stop playing w/ your toys and cook me dinner BITCH!

love ya, mean it.


googum said...

There's a bit of backlash lately against the Flash: Barry was pretty much canonized after he died in Crisis, and now that he's back everyone remembered he's a bit dull.

Good stuff, man! Now, get to dinner.

Dale Bagwell said...

Ha ha, I did, and while I burnt the taco shells, the rest was good.

Hey Goo, yeah you're right about the whole Barry thing. He really was a boring character until he died, then was turned into a Christ-like figure because he died for the "sins" of the multiverse. He does have alot going for them though, with being a Forensic Scientist(that's cool nowadays) Being his own origin and start of the speed force, and all, but personality-wise he is very bland. Mark Waid's JLA year One was a better version of him, and I think still is vs. Johns' version. He's now boarding on being Emo-Flash, and boo hoo I lost my mother. DC needs Waid and Augustyn to write a better Barry again. Hell, I'd give Morrison a try too; it's not like he could make things worse right? And seeing how bland barry is, how the hell did he and Hal become friends? Hal's got more in common with Green Arrow than stable barry; the womanizing included.

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