Tuesday, May 24, 2011

"I got the Doomsday Prophecy blues"

So, the crazy 89 year-old preacher that claimed the world was gonna' end last saturday is back, and this time he swears it'll happen on October 21st instead. He claims he got his math wrong, and that's why we all didn't burn up and go to hell. Harold Camping, the man responsible for all last week's hysteria, now says instead of 5 months worth of pain, suffering, and needless destruction, it'll all happen at once on Oct. 21st. A Yahoo.com article states Camping claimed earlier in 1994 the world would end then. Maybe he wants the world to end since he's so damn old and decrepit I guess. Numerous news sources talked about him, and now someone else weighs in this topic: you know him very well; you know him as The Spectre.

Oh, and Happy 70th Birthday Bob Dylan!


googum said...

I'm trying to remember if Eclipso was fired, replaced, or quit as God's angel of vengeance. I think he did a good job...in the same way that a nuclear warhead will stop shoplifting.

On the other hand, the Spectre seems more targeted, but less effective: sure, it's cool to turn a sinner into wax and melt him, but it's not really a deterrant, is it? Well, I guess it stops the melted guy, yeah.

Nice tie in piece, though! Of course the Spectre would be in the loop for the Apocalypse! I wonder if the JSA guys used to ask him about crap like that...

Dale Bagwell said...

You know they probably did; I imagine guys like Alan, Jay, and the original Dr.Fate discussing stuff like that. That's a topic that I don't think has been brought before, whether or not the Spectre would divulge God's secrets like that or not. Probably not since he's a direct employee of God's. I also imagined Ted and Al rolling their eyes up at the whole thing, while Ted Knight scoffs too, but only because he's an atheist.

As for Eclipso, Wikipedia states God banished him into the Heart of Darkness diamond since he was getting too into his role as God's vengence. He was the guy that caused Noah's flood, and ultimately was fired for being too enthusiastic about taking people out. The Spectre took Eclipso's place, and was the guy behind the the Pharoah/Egypt's first-born dying. What a resume huh?

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