Wednesday, May 11, 2011

No more Doom for you!

The times are a changing indeed.
FOX announced they're cancelling The Chicago Code, Lie to me, Traffic Light and Human Target today.
I don't watch Chicago Code, so no big loss there. Lie to me is like House junior and I can't stand House, so again no loss there. I actually just started to watch Traffic Light, but I'm not that surprised this show's being cancelled. It's has its moments, but it's not that funny overall. I prefer watching Raising Hope instead, even though I though that show would have been axed awhile ago too. Of course it's by the same creative team that created My name is Earl, so I give it another season before getting axed as well. As for Human Target, well frankly it deserves what it got. It was nothing like the comic at all, and seemed more like 24-lite. I don't why shows that are adapted from comics/graphic novels are given the green-light when they don't resemble anything remotely like the source material they come from. Fox's Christopher Chance was nothing like real Christopher Chance from the comics who was hired to impersonate the very persons who were targeted for death. He became so much like he people he was pretending to be, that he lost a little(or alot depending on who was writing him)of his own personality during the whole process. Fox's version was nothing more than Jack Bauer part 2. It'd be nice if for once, these execs actually know and care about these adaptations before allowing these shows to be created. I don't see how it's asking too much to actually know what you're talking about before speaking, right? Same rule applies to these abominations that are allowed to be made. Oh well.....
And I hear Law&Order:LA's being cancelled too? Didn't they just cancel the main Law&Order show to make room for this new one? Wow, I guess Dick Wolf's reign on top is quickly coming to an end. Although I guess it is about time. I mean his shows have all been running for almost 2 decades now right. He should just do the right thing and cancel them all and go out with what's left of his dignity and good reputation.

Speaking of cancellation, I thought I'd let two well-known experts on that subject talk a little bit about just that. Enjoy:

I guess I should follow that up with a disclaimer. No, I don't think Dan Didio's a druggie. But if he was, I'm sure that would explain some things, and give him an out for his haters on the message boards. At least there's a few creators out there that publicly acknowledge they're use of drugs; namely Kevin Smith and Grant Morrison. There's probably more, but I don't blame them for not owning up to it. Drugs shouldn't be glorified, but if you do do them, maybe you shouldn't write while doing it. I myself can't count how many good ideas I thought were good while high, only later after sobriety hit to realize they weren't as good as I thought they were. Hey, it happens. Just ask Charlie Sheen.

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