Monday, May 16, 2011

Ask the Monkey-God!

Had a nice weekend, got too drunk last Friday night, and had a successful yard sale the following Saturday morning! Oh God, but I was hungover as hell though! You know how it goes; you start off with a pitcher of beer, then you get brave enough for a couple of mixed drinks, then that turns to a couple more drinks, and then when you get home, more drinks. I'm just glad I ate all of those hot wings, fries, and celery, or else I would've had to blow chunks. Now don't get me wrong; I'm not glorifying drinking to excess. I'm just saying be careful when out drinking; you could bite off more than you planned on chewing that's all. But Heather and I do enjoy our weekly Friday nights, where he drink pitchers of beer with hot wings, burgers, or Mexican food. It's just good fun. Although fun was not the mood I was in after having to get up the next morning @ 5:30am to get ready for our yard sale. I was a zombie for the first couple of hours, but believe it or not we did pretty good. At least a bunch of junk that was filling up much needed space is no longer an issue.

Well, last week and this week are the weeks for the season/series finales of all your favorite shows. Smallvile wrapped its series last friday, and others are due this week as well. I'm looking foward to How I Met Your Mother's season finale, as well as The Office and Parks and Recreation. P&R is quickly becoming as funny and memorable as the Office once was, and I figure it will replace the show in the ratings when/if the Office finally ends. Last week's episode with Tom's snake juice liquor was funny as fuck! I highly recommend looking it up @ either, Youtube, or Hulu. Trust me, that episode's worth it!

Speaking of funny shows, it looks like Ashton Kutcher's replacing Charlie Sheen on Two and Half Men. I'm not sure how they're going insert into the show, but one suggestion is that Charlie's dead or takes off with Rose, leaving Alan and co. to inherit the house. But then Ashton shows up as Charlie's bastard son/forgotten relative, and tooks over ownership of the house. Show's creator Chuck Lorre claims to have an answer, so I guess we'll all have to wait until this fall to found out what's the deal.

So, you're probably wondering who's the Monkey God mentioned in title right? Well, here he is:

So what do you guys think? He'll be back if you guys want more. And he's not kidding; there's another Planet of the Apes movie coming out this summer. This time it's called Rise of the Planet of the Apes, and it's a prequel explaining how the apes came to rule Earth. I'm skipping it, but I think my buddy Googum might be interested. Right Goo?


StarryPluto said...

Pitcher of Beer+hot wings+blue cheese & celery= 2 hot/horny pandas! ahaha..

Seriously though, have a blast w/ you and love you so much!

Monkey God passed out last night, maybe this is why????

Dale Bagwell said...

We do it, because that's how we roll! What you want Monkey God to do next?

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