Friday, May 13, 2011


Follower Martin Grey wanted to see some more Random.....Comic.....Review!!!!!!!!
So without further ado here's one from Marvel Chillers#6 featuring Tigra, the were-woman! Enjoy!

Marvel Chillers#6(Aug 1976) "Soul-Catcher" Story by Tony Isabella, art by John Byrne(nice huh?)
The story starts off with Tigra chained up inside some mystery complex. She manages to get out one of the restraints, and starts to work on the other one, all of a sudden she hears "Beware, Woman!" She turns around to see who's doing the shouting, only to witness an axe being thrown towards her. The guy throwing the axe at her shouts out "Owayodata, guide my throw! Let Red Wolf's aim be true!" So the guy welding the axe is the so-called "Indian Avenger of the western plains", Red Wolf. Tigra thinks to herself that the axe is meant for her, but then watches as it cuts through her other restraints. Tigra's freed but surprised. Apparently in Marvel Chillers#3, a guy named Joshua Plague and his group of thugs called the "Rat Pack" slaughtered an entire indian village on an indian reservation. One of the Rat Pack told Red Wolf that Tigra was responsible. Tigra known this, and that's why she thought Red Wolf was trying to kill her. Red Wolf replies that he did indeed think she was responsible, but that his wolf Lobo, told him otherwise. Just as Tigra's starting to wrap her head around a talking wolf, an explosion goes off, causing Red Wolf to almost get buried under a ton of rubble. Tigra pulls him out of the way in time though, and they head off to a mysterious door. They both try and eventually get it open, revealing a mysterious shuttle-craft. They both get in and head off to find Joshua Plague and his men. We're then shown a couple of concerned people named Dr. Joanne Tumolo, Jules Bannion, and a guy named Leon. From the scene shown, they're obviously friends of Tigra, and are working on a serum to return her to human form permanently. They're both worried about Tigra going after Joshua Plague, and that's who we see next. Apparently the original head of the Rat Pack, number one, isn't too happy with Joshua, and lets him have it. Deciding he's heard enough, Joshua powers up all of a sudden and blasts the Rat Pack with power he's obtained by the Soul-Catcher. Tigra quickly arrives, and just as quickly attacks! She manages to separate Joshua from his Soul-Catcher, while Red Wolf and Lobo fight off the Rat Pack. In the heat of the battle, it's revealed that one of the Rat Pack is a robot, while Tigra's nearly hypontized by Joshua. She manages to break free in time, only to witness Joshua Plague transforming! Transforming into.....the Super-Skrull! To be continued next issue.

Not a bad story, and if you have the previous issues and the next one after this, it reads even better I bet. The John Byrne art is really good too. I think this is during the brief period where he was doing fill-ins on various comics, which was right before landing his most famous gig, penciling the Uncanny X-men.

Have a safe weekend people!

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googum said...

Awesome! I have the issue after this one, and was always kinda curious how it was set up. From biker gangs to Red Wolf to the Super-Skrull; that's a pretty good series of jumps there.

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