Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Tinder, Bat-Villain Style

So you guys know what Tinder is right? Good.
Well imagine for a second what a typical Tinder profile would look like if it belonged to some members of Batman's rogues gallery.

Imagine no more because I found some, and their as funny you'd think they'd be.....

Well, props to them for being brave enough to post their actual ages, and yes those ages are EXACTLY how old they'd really be based off when they first debuted.

Now the first Clayface was Basil Karlo , and he'd be 78 this year, whereas the Matt Hagen version debuted in 1961, thus he'd be 57. And yes, I'm aware he's a good guy....for now, and his profile seems to reflect that...well kind of. I mean he doesn't list Law and Order, Batman and Robin or Arkham Asylum in his dislikes list, so there's that I guess.

Stay tuned in and I'll probably post some more when I come across them.

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