Wednesday, January 03, 2018


                                                                  Ha ha. #SickBurn

We need a rebuttal from the GODDAMN Batman on this.


Dan W said...

Haha nice! I think Bats would ask why a man with a suit of armour needs a bodyguard? "I don't need a bodyguard 'cos I'm the GODDAMN BATMAN." :)

Or he'd hack the War Machine armour and make it play The Bodyguard soundtrack every time Iron Man was in close proximity. He's a cumming one that Bats!

Dale Bagwell said...

"He's a cumming one that Bats!" Well he is married to Catwoman now, so he definitely is....well for the first year or so;)

That would be funny AF if Parker actually did that. I know he was just about past that stage when the movie came out, AND Batman, well Bruce, once had a bodyguard in Sasha Bourdieux, so now they match in that area too.

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