Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Damn Tinder You Scary!

Speaking of Fucked up fake Tinder profiles, these aren't, even though they should be.

For all of you poor bastards and bitches still having to play the dating game, this is what awaits you out in Tinder-Land......

Okay, now this is one if fake, but funny:

Too soon?


Dan W said...

I cant tell what one cracked me up most :) From I eat soil to dragging a doll around Wendy's carpark. So good.

Dale Bagwell said...

I would hazard to guess that the Daenerys one, but that Captain Jack and Nathan one come with their own unique charm too. I'd be down to pull those chicks ho punk card if they're up to it.
Just not that Danielle one.....maybe ;)

All in all, these read more like auditions for MTV's Real World than dating profiles, right?

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