Monday, January 15, 2018

Pow! Right in her Excelsior!

So I'm sure by now this is kind of old news to some of you out there, maybe not to some others, but it appears as though Stan "The Man" Lee is the latest in an increasingly long list of celebrities to be accused of sexual harassment.

                                                       Yes that's right, THIS Stan Lee....

Apparently he's being sued by a nursing company, claiming Stan groped the nurses there to care for him inappropriately and solicited oral sex from them as well as wanting to be "pleasured in his bedroom."

Stan of course denies the allegations, with his lawyer, Tom Lallas, saying that Stan's being blackmailed and extorted for money.

If you want, you can read an article about by in the link below:

Ok so if this one's true...shit.....I mean the poor guy's 95, a year or so removed from the death of his wife, why can't the co-creator of Spider-Man and Thor getting a happy ending?

Otherwise, if there's no official police complaint/report having been filed, then all this really is is a shameless ploy to scam from free $ from the poor guy.

On the other hand......

That Stan. Kindly uncle one minute, ruthless pimp the next.

Yes you do Stan....yes you do.

'Nuff 'Said....


Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

I'm kinda leaning toward this being a scam of some kind until some concrete evidence to the contrary turns up.

Dale Bagwell said...

Exactly. And again, if there hasn't been a formal complaint filed and no charges brought up against Stan, then this is a pure bullshit scam.

And like Googum said when we talked about this last night, He's probably got no shortage of groupies that would be willing to take care of his needs if he wanted.

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