Monday, January 08, 2018

Here's some hot memes to keep you warm...

And fuck  is it ever cold! Well at least it is on the southern end of the East Coast. Christ it's cold!

It's the type of weather only die-hard Chemiatophiles (people with an obsessive love of the cold/cold things) like Captain Cold and Mr. Freeze can appreciate.

Not me brah. We usually get mild winter weather in my neck of the woods, but lately it's been cold enough actually snow and coat the ground and stay(Which hasn't happened around here since '05)
I'm talking about it easily being in the low 20's to high teens at night, and only maybe cracking just above freezing during the day. Thankfully it's going to start warming up here after today, eventually and hopefully hitting the 60's by Friday.

So primarily because of that, I haven't really taking any skit pics, or written anything. Well that and just not feeling doing the regular grind anymore when it comes to blogging these days. Last year was my last attempt at maintaining anything resembling a regular weekly schedule. Not no more. Nope this year I'm taking things nice and easy, and letting my growing apathy take the wheel. I guess that's like Jesus's lazy brother?

I did buy the first two Marvel Legends/Action figures of the year already though, as I recently purchased the Black Bolt and Namor figures that came in this year's first wave of ML Wave of 2018, the Black Panther Movie wave.

Sure, I didn't REALLY need another Namor figure, but the combination of it being an updated version of his classic, green trunks look that I've been wanting for awhile, and a second, bearded head, pretty much sold me on him. Don't really know why they included that particular look, but I guess now collectors can re-enact the Human Torch curing him of his amnesia, circa Fantastic Four#4.

As for Black Bolt, no explanation needed here. He's a really solid figure, and a hell of a lot better than the one that Hasbro first put out back in 2009.

                                                                      Yeah, it was that bad. 

Fortunately this the same one from the SDCC exclusive Thanos Imperative box-set, just painted in his classic comic book blue look. Personally I like the black Thanos Imperative version, but beggars can't be choosers.

I was seriously on the fence on whether or not I'd get the Iron Man/Ironheart armor figure, and I think that's primarily for the modern Tony Stark head that comes with it.

 Idk, probably ultimately pass it on like I am the rest of wave.

 The unmasked movie BP head does look more like actor Chadwick Boseman than the previous movie BP figure from the Captain America Civil War movie wave, but still I'll pass on it just the same since I really don't feel that overall it's better than that CW figure.

Anyhoo I did promise you some hot memes, and if you're a fan of pro-wrestling like I am, you'll dig these even more.


Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

it's rare times like this that i don't mind the high cost of living around here quite as much when i see what's going on with the East Coast right now.

Dale Bagwell said...

It's really been a rough start weather-wise so far here. Fuck, I hate the cold! Ideally I'd love to live in a much warmer climate like Hawaii, where it's like what, 75? all year-long? Sign me the fuck up!

Gary said...

What the hell is the Fantastic Four scene about?! I'm guessing weird/crazy 60s/70s shit happening?

Dale Bagwell said...

I'm surprised you don't remember that classic panel reveal of Namor from FF#4 Gary.
That was Namor's then modern day introduction to the MU. Up until that point he hadn't appeared in Marvel, well Timely, published comic book since October of 1955.

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