Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Top 5: Marvel Characters I'd love to see teamed-up with Alan Moore's Swamp Thing

So yesterday I mentioned how I've been on a bit of a Swamp Thing kick as of late, especially concerning Alan Moore's run with the character.

I even ordered the much-maligned DCUC SDCC Exclusive Swamp Thing figure.


Anyhoo, it got me thinking which comic characters would be a good fit to interact with Moore's Swamp Thing. I immediately had a contender, and from there, it got me thinking about even more characters, particularly the ones found exclusively in the Marvel Universe.

I found 5 top choices. Here they are.....

Top 5 Marvel Characters I'd love to see teamed-up with Alan Moore's Swamp Thing:

5). Stan Lee and Steve Ditko's Dr. Strange

One can only even begin to wonder what Moore's Swamp Thing would look like interpreted through the eyes of  early 60's Ditko. Likewise, how would Moore interpret the classic Lee/Ditko version of Dr. Strange? The possibilities, especially the visual ones, are seemingly endless, as would the potentials for what type of magical adversaries and situations Strange and Swampy would be forced to undergo for our amusement.

4). Peter David's Incredible Hulk

Moreso than the iconic Lee/Kirby version, Peter David's version of the Hulk, especially the period where he was battling with his many alter-egos before merging into the "smart" Hulk, would be an ideal version to compliment Swamp Thing.  I mean you have the duel themes of scientist and monster for both of them, and much like Moore advanced the previous idea of Swamp Thing by evolving him past his iconic, but simple beginnings, so too did David on Hulk, by evolving past the previous work already established by linking the character to the concept of multiple personality disorder.These themes would all be excellent fodder for a story, as would the possible enemies besides the traditional, inevitable fighting they'd get into.

3). Steve Gerber's Man-Thing

Yes, this is an over-obvious choice, but shit, Steve Gerber was pretty much doing the Alan Moore thing on the title, injecting a simple monster book with very relevant social and adult themes that were hardly addressed or even brought up in standard fare superhero comics. Gerber was ahead of his time by doing that, so his take on Man-Thing would be a solid team-up. Not to mention, SOMEONE would finally be able to successfully communicate back and forth with Manny.

2). Jim Starlin's Captain Marvel

Similar to his later work on Adam Warlock, Jim Starlin would take a standard, quintessential super hero like Captain Marvel and transform him into a more complex and three-dimensional character that felt new and inspired. I'd be damn interested in seeing Swamp Thing and Starlin's Captain Marvel interact and compare differing alien philosophies on life, culture, etc.

Plus there's Marvel's cosmic consciousness powers to explore. Imagine Swamp Thing examining himself, or Marvel examining Swamp Thing's soul through the lens of his cosmic consciousness?

1). Jim Starlin's Adam Warlock

Oh God, the whine-fest and long, drawn-out talks about philosophy these two kindred and tragic spirits could have, as they compare notes about how bad their lives sucked, and how they're just misunderstood.

But at least it'd look damn good though.
Plus there's always that Soul Gem for story fodder.

Anyone else you'd pair Swampy up with from the MU?

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