Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Let's Hear It For Captain Trainor

If you haven't been reading the new incarnation of Doom Patrol by Gerald Way (The Umbrella Academy) you're really, really doing yourself a disfavor.
I really enjoy the way he does his own thing on the book and yet still references and acknowledges past DP creators like Drake, Morrison and Giffen.

Couldn't get it, but I was reading the latest issue, issue 5, and it's a damn real treat for the reader.
To catch you up, Captain Larry Trainor AKA The Negative Man, had woken up in an unfamiliar place, separated by the negative energy being that used to live within him.
Eventually he tracks it down and quickly finds out his energy spirit is a part of whole collective of
negative spirits that get partnered up with other hosts.

Long story short, after a long debate, Larry choices to willingly rejoin with his old negative spirit to help people. As a reward, the council of negative energy beings make it so that whenever the Doom Patrol gets into a fight and Larry's needed, his negative energy being can go off and fight whole Larry's in his own custom made reality where he can live a normal life, the normal life he would've had had he never encountered the negative energy being while test-piloting his doom experimental plan.
Actually that's a pretty damn good set-up. Being  able to trip while you sleep like he does. Still dangerous, but makes the experience more pleasurable.

I bet when the Chief finds out, he'll be pissed he didn't do that for Larry sooner.

Oh and he looks like a blend of his old Morrison-created identity Rebis, and his regular classic, look. I look it.

I'm going to buy the first volume trade collection myself next week since I'm missing a few issues. But yeah, very worth checking out, as is that whole Young Animal Vertigo imprint, with titles like Shade the Changing Girl, Cave Carson has A Cybernetic Eye, Mother Panic, and more.
Check 'em out. You never know what your new favorite will be.

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