Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Dream Waves: Spider-Man

What's up people?

Today's edition is all about Spider-Man, specifically how the next Spider-Man wave of figures should look like.

Now yes I've done this before, but this time I focusing on what characters need to be included in the next wave as well as making adjustments based on how Hasbro wants a wave to look like and who they include based I don't know, market research? You just know there HAS to be a Spider-Man figure representing the line....

Anyhoo, here's what I got.....

Spider-Man: Hydro-Man Wave:

1). Puma

I'll just keep harping about Hasbro giving us a Puma figure until they finally do. Fuck 'em!
And I want alternative heads and hands too damnit!

2). Silver Sable

We need a Silver Sable figure. STAT!!!!! Do it Hasbro!!!

3). Paladin 

He's due a figure, and he'd be really easy to make aside from a new head.

4). Spider-Man Noir

This one's a true no-brainer, as he's a very popular character. He'll need a trench-coat (hopefully removable) as well as a removable hat.

5). The Vermin

Why not the Vermin? He's due for a figure.

6). The Prowler

I'd prefer the classic version myself, but I have a feeling Hasbro would go with the current version, which would be fine I guess, as long as we get a Prowler figure out of the deal.

7). Spider-Ham

C'mon, we all want one. You know you do too. Of course this little guy could pull a Puck and be a BAF himself, and if so, that's fine. If not, put him in this wave.

BAF: Hydro-Man

It's waaaay past time we got a Hydro-Man figure, and I say why not just reuse the recent Sandman BAF? You'll need a new head probably, but other than that a straight up repaint should suffice.

What do you guys think? Miss anyone that you think Hasbro would defintiely use in place of one of my picks? let me know in the comments' section.

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