Thursday, April 27, 2017

Fantasy Team-Up: Kang The Conqueror and Chronos


Just got watching a Marvel Legends update by a YouTuber named Rektangular, who posted an interesting update about future ML waves coming out this year, with one update in particular caught my attention.

Apparently the next planned ML Spider-Man wave will feature none other than Spider-Man Noir himself:

I know it's just a coincidence that I was talking about including him in the next Spider-Man wave, and then BAM, he's in like flint for the next wave.....but is it? ;)

Also included in what's rumored to be a Lizard BAF wave is Demogoblin (We didn't really need a new one really) Mysterio( curious how and if they managed to top the 2005 version, could be the Ultimate Universe or current animated Spider-Man look) Spider-Woman(have no idea who this is) Spider-Punk (Googum and I will like this one) Prowler(probably his current look and he's also an option I wanted in the next wave, so here he is) and Gwenpool. Not a bad line-up actually.
But yeah, weird how that all works out isn't it?

On to today's post, and another edition of Fantasy Team-Up, where I pair up two individuals or teams that haven't to my knowledge been paired up yet for various reasons, and well team 'em up.

This week I'm teaming up two well-known time-themed super villains, Kang the Conqueror and Chronos the time bandit.
Talk about a no-brainer right? 

How cool would it be to see these two pair up in order to rule time, or whatever it is they'd do together to cause grief for their respective foes, namely the Avengers and Justice League.

or more specifically maybe these two, Booster Gold and Rip Hunter?

Of course egos would collide and get in the way of what could be guaranteed success, and they'll inevitably turn on each other, leaving them both prone to getting to their asses kicked by said respective foes.

But before then, imagine the fun they'd have fucking with the time stream in both universes, speaking nerd speak about time.....

What do guys think? Could this team-up go the distance and some serious, irreversible damage, or is it destined to all slip through their hands like grains of sand?

Let me know in the comments' section below.

Have a good weekend everyone.....


Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

Talk about two characters that have been in need of a serious costume maker over quite litteraly for decades now.

Dale Bagwell said...

Yeah, I guess. Chronos probably more so than Kang. Honestly I love and prefer both of their original and iconic looks, but the JL animated version of Chronos looked pretty good and Kang had a really good slightly updated look during Avengers: EMA. If you want modern takes, it usually seems like the animated cartoons shows got you.

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