Monday, April 10, 2017

Feeling SWAG-a-licious!

Thanks to feeling guilty about going to see the movie Logan by myself, I wound up taking my good friend to see it, and thus Logan is the first movie I ever paid to see twice. Take a bow Logan....

That leads into the main though/realization I had after seeing the movie about the current Old Man Logan character Marvel's using to replace "our" Wolverine after killing him off in the obvious cash grab mini-series "event", The Death of Wolverine, back in 2014.

So what's marvel to do? I mean they're not going to totally kill off a proven cash cow like Wolverine right? Right, so they stick it to the fans and find a loophole called Old Man Logan. Fans get Wolverine even though he's supposed to be dead, and even though it's an alternate world's Wolverine, and all's the right with the world....right?

Well yeah now that Old Man Logan's in vogue, especially with the movie coming out this year, he's all the rage. For now. But what happens when the fans want "their" Wolvie back?

I don't know, but if you think about it, having an older Logan around isn't exactly the worst thing in the world either. I mean if we're being practical here, and based off how old Wolverine's supposed to be, this version really is the more realistic version you could get. I mean, he finally looks as old as he's supposed to be, and would be expected to look for a guy who saw action with the original Rough Rider and future president, Teddy Roosevelt. So yeah, this old guy who's taking the mainstream Wolverine's place is probably the best(?) version you could expect to have,....for now.....until Marvel changes their minds again.....

Speaking of Old Man Logan, I found and bought most of latest Marvel Legends X-Men Warlock BAF wave at a nearby Toys R Us yesterday. Was I expecting to see Cyclops? Sure, despite him being one of the hardest and most sought after figures in the wave, but damn damn if I didn't think I at least had a shot anyways.

Despite not finding Colossus and Cyclops, I was still able to build Warlock thanks to a good friend of mine giving his BAF pieces from the Colossus and Cyclops figures he owned. Not a bad figure, but the arm joints to bend much. Weird.

That good friend of mine also sold me the completed DCUC Anti-Monitor C&C figure, and damn is he sweet!

Look at 'em, just ready to freak the Flash, Barry Allen out, ha ha.

Rounding things out will be the DCUC Swamp Thing figure I ordered, along with the Volume 2 of Marvel's The Twelve by JMS and Chris Weston. Remember that one? It came out back in 2007, and was about 12 forgotten Golden Age heroes that had gotten captured by the Nazis and stored in a cryogenic freeze until being released in the modern era. It's damn good stuff by JMS actually, and worth going to grab on the cheap off Amazon for your local book store.

I'm only buying the second volume because I own the first half via back issues. I was just needing to complete the rest of the story, as I was even missing the 12th issue. Gotta' find out what happens to them!

Damn shame Marvel hasn't done shit with them after a follow up The Twelve mini-series after the first maxi-series. They're all(well, who's left) still very viable characters to use. Why not use 'em?

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