Tuesday, April 04, 2017

"Oh nobody knows the troubles I've seen....."

Miss me?

Since I've last been on, I've gotten sick with my Gluten allergy, just now recovering from a latest attack that occurred last Monday night.

I have an an appointment with MUSC, the Medical University of South Carolina next month where I'll be meeting with a Gastroenterologist, to hopefully give me a better understanding of why this keeps happening and what I can do to stop it, or at the very least, manage it better by stopping the frequency of it occurring.

All that aside I FINALLY got my laptop back after a month-long-plus ordeal/wait.

What happened was, I got mad at the slowness of my laptop, smacked it, and fucked up the hard drive. So much so, that I was told it couldn't be salvaged.

So in effect, I lost EVERYTHING. ALL MY FILES. GONE.....


So I'm starting from scratch again, re-acquiring the programs, music, and other files I need.
Jesus Christ....

I have continued to collect SWAG though.

Finally bought the old Toy Biz Marvel Legend Prof. X figure that I needed badly to finally complete my Galactus BAF.

It only took me 12 years. Seriously.

Lets see, Completed the ML Sandman BAF Spider-Man wave.

He's a really good figure that comes with two heads, and it's fucking sweet!

Let's see....Oh, finished the entire new ML Guardians of the Galaxy Titus BAF wave as well...

with the lingering exception of that Drax figure. Just wasn't feeling him, and skipped him, but those other figures, like the sweet ass Darkhawk, Vince Astro, and even the Star-Lord,  Angela, and (Kid)Nova figures hold their own in the wave.

Had to get Yondu too after initially basing up on him, and I can both blame and thank Googum for that after featuring him in a funny skit.

Plus, how could you pass up on that prime Michael Rouker face?

Now it's on to wait for both the movie, coming out in May, and the second wave of GoTG figures featuring a new Adam warlock, BAF Mantis, Death's Head 2 and more.

Finally,  I've been in a bit of a Swamp Thing mood as of late.

Ordered three volumes' worth of Alan Moore's run on Swamp Thing, buying the 2nd, 4th and 5th volumes. I plan on finishing up the set by getting the 1st and 3rd (still no 6th) later. But damn are these really beautifully-written and illustrated reads. Can't recommend enough to give Moore's run on Swampy a try if by some freak nature of hell you haven't already.

The particular stories I have all deal with Swamp Thing entering hell to save Abby's soul, and then there's the CRISIS tie, and the famous bit with Sargon the sorcerer and Zatara's burning corpses while being in a circle. Abby's trail in Gotham and fight with Batman, which led to Swampy's subsequent death and trip into outer space. Damn good stuff.

As for updating around here.....I'll do it as I feel. Good therapy though....


Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

I had the first 8 or 9 issues of the Moore run on Swamp Thing. Truly epic stuff, but you can't really appreciate that kind of writing when you're in your teens. You have to read it as an adult to really get the full effect. I'm kinda partial to wanting to see Swamp Thing team up with Ragman or to appear in the pages of The Suicide Squad.

Dale Bagwell said...

You really do. Because there's so much complex themes and ideas floating around, that it's not hard to miss stuff.
Moore truly changed what Swamp Thing was and meant to the DCU as a whole by evolving his story the way he did.

I wouldn't be against a team-up/story involving Ostrander's Squad, sure, especially seen through Moore's lens. Ragman too, or even Shade the Changing Man.

Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

Funny you should mention Shade since he on The Squad for part of the Ostrander series. When you get a chance do a Swamp Thing word search on The Suicide Squad blog you might rediscover some stuff you may have forgotten about over the years.

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