Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Top 10: Marvel Legends Figures That Need Classic Variations Made

Happy Hump Day

That's right folks, it's time for another Top 10 wishlist from yours truly about the figures I'd love to see made and put out on the shelves so I can buy those fuckers.

Today, I'm devoting a special list to the Top 10 figures I wish Hasbro would hurry up and redo.
These are figures that we finally got to see in their current looks, but then immediately wish they probably had made them in their classic looks first, or at least re-made them better than they did the first time around. Here's my list of 10 Marvel characters I'd like to see re-made but with their classic, iconic looks.

Here we go.....

10). Namor (Classic)
Here's a classic example of what I'm talking about right out of the gate. Take Namor here for example; when the ML line first put out a Namor figure, we got the black 70's suit look. Ooookay, weird choice for an initial Namor figure, but we rolled with it.
So when we finally got the classic green trunk-sporting Namor, it was a major, major disappointment.

Seriously, look at how fucking lazily made and pathetic he looks.

And that's why we need a massive redo by Hasbro to give us a proper classic Namor figure.

By the way, Hasbro's releasing a new Namor figure soon as a Walgreen's' exclusive.
But this is his current blue and black collared-look he's been rocking for awhile, or was until Marvel had him in killed off in the first issue of the new Squadron Supreme series. Yeah I know...typical.

9). Drax The Destroyer (Classic)
Ahhh Drax. We got two of you in the Marvel Legends line; one was your current look, and the other the movie version. As nice as they were, we just didn't get the version that should've come out first, or at least alongside the movie version to really confuse casual fans and moviegoers.

What we should've got were either if these classic versions of  you; one's the classic Jim Starlin era Drax, and the other is the doing his best savage Hulk impression while still wearing his own costume.

It's just the Drax we all know and love, and the one we should've gotten.
Maybe next year.....

8). Starlord (Classic)
Speaking of disappointments.....well okay to be fair, the Starlord offerings have been pretty damn good so far.

We got the movie version with two heads and and a Walkman that any figure can use, and then if you had the money (and most of us didn't) you got to plunk down serious pocket change for an SDCC Exclusive GoTG Box-Set which featured the then comic version of Starlord that first showed up during the Annihilation event. Both very solid figures, But still not the classic version.

The original version:

I don't know if we'll ever see this particular version since the movies have pretty much made that a highly unlikely possibility, but it'd be nice if Hasbro did make it this one anyways. I'd sure buy it.

Otherwise here's a sweet, sweet custom to show what it could look like

7). Mockingbird (Classic)

I probably shouldn't complain since we're finally getting a Mockingbird figure this year in the upcoming Red Onslaught BAF Wave, but while I understand the choice to go with her then current look, I'm sure I'm not the only that would've preferred her classic look instead.

  Now sure the classic look definition can mean either her long-panted look, or the the bare legs look she rocked for a long time. Personally, I want the bare legs look myself, so here's hoping eventually that's what we'll get.

6). Warpath (Classic Thunderbird Look)
In case you might've missed it, we really did get an actual honest-to-God Warpath figure...just not the one I would've liked. Nope instead we got the current look and a later X-Force black variant figure instead.

I personally would've preferred a figure of him using his first costume, which was his brother's Thunderbird costume like so:

                                    or his later X-Force look, like so:

Here's some custom figures I found of what they could look like:

Looking at these custom figures I'm reminded of what could've been.
Maybe later.....

5). Cyclops (Classic Claremont Era Look)

Okay we the first Cyclops ML figure looked like this, and it was pretty decent for the time of course.
But as time went on and you really started to pick it apart, it just didn't age well. Those short-ass boots are the worst in my opinion. So it's time for a redo. There was a Marvel Select version released not too long ago that kinda' got it right, but not close enough for me. Nope total redo time.

And as an added bonus, the new version should include an alternate regular non-skullcap head wearing his Ruby Quartz glasses, just like the alternate Matt Murdock head that we got for that latest Yellow costumed DD figure recently. That figure too was a redo from the first one that got released, and damn was that a fucking eyesore too.

4). Ghost Rider (Classic Blue Look)

There's been a few Ghost Riders put out in the main Marvel Legends line, and even a brief sub-line when the first movie GR movie came out ( *Cue puking*) but we have yet to see a classic 1st appearance  Ghost Rider figure rocking that dark blue look. The closer we came to that is the Marvel Select Ghost Rider figure, but it's too light in the blue area to be historically correct.

 My solution is just repainting the recent ML Rhino BAF Wave Ghost Rider figure we just got.

It'd save money, and utilize what is for me, the perfect GR figure made to date.

3).  Captain Marvel (Classic Mar-Vel)

I still have mine, and he's still holds up reasonably well, but with the advances in the different types of body bucks Hasbro uses, now's the time for much-needed updated Captain Mar-Vel figure. Everything was fine on the original, hell even the hair was spot-on, but I didn't like the fact that they stuck him with pointy flight hands. I get that they wanted to give us the illusion he was flying for those flying poses, but damn, we really needed some alternate hands. Which is exactly what I'd have them include. Different swap-able hands for different poses.

 I'd also go with a more bulkier body, but not too too bulky.
And hell, throw in a true variant of him in his first appearance look, complete with two alt heads; one with the helmeted fin look, and the other with the same regular head he has, but swap the blonde hair for white. That way, all of his major looks are covered all at once.

2). Wonder Man ( Classic and 1st Appearance Looks)
So just like the case of Captain Marvel, the Wonder Man figure we got wasn't bad, but it wasn't that great either.

Poor Simon could definitely use a redo with his classic red and black look, and again, with the current buck bodies being used right now, there's never been a better time than now to do just that.

I'd also love, LOVE to see him decked out in his green and red first appearance look.

Call him Captain Christmas all you want, but its a classic, iconic look that needs to finally be realized in plastic.

1). Adam Warlock (Classic)
So this is what we got;

Adam Warlock in his early 90's Infinity Saga look.
It's alright, but too skinny, and just lacking. I'd much preferred to see him made in his classic thunderbolt, Jim Starlin angst-given iconic look.

 Please, PLEASE Hasbro make this version of him. He deserves it.

So that's my list, what's yours? What classic versions of Marvel Figures would you love to see made or re-made?


The King of Thessaly said...

#1 IS A PERFECT PICK- I'd buy the fuck out of a classic Warlock figure. Throw it in a 2-pack with original afro'd Magus and I'd sell a kidney to get one!

That Namor is rather disappointing... They should put out a Jae Lee speedo/thong version just to creep out everyone at Toys R Us.

Dale Bagwell said...

To quote the immortal Heisenberg, "You're goddamn right!"
Fuck yeah Magus! Hell, I'd go one step further on that Magus figure and tell them to include an alt head sporting the 90's pony-tailed look he had also. That and an alt hand with the Infinity Gauntlet. Shit, I might do the unthinkable and buy two packs at that point.
Can't believe we still haven't gotten a Magus figure..not even the modern one from DnA's last Guardians run. Fucking criminal man.

It really is isn't it on the Namor front. I mean we're getting the recent look, but he's sorely in need of a remake of his iconic look, especially now when the bodies have never looked as good in recent times as now. DO IT HASBRO!!!!

Jae Lee version eh? I think that puny Namor figure I highlighted kinda' resembles that version, minus the obvious the Jae Lee-ness it could have. I'd be down for pissing off more uptight moms all across the country. Fuck'em right in the pussy as the hooded dude in glasses is famous for saying;)

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