Monday, February 22, 2016

"And Now A Public Service Announcement..."

Who hasn't been there when hunger strikes, am I right?
Hell that's basically the same premise that Snickers having been running with for awhile now.

So I get me some sweet, sweet SWAG this previous week, as I ordered the new Capwolf figure you saw here today, as well as the new Taskmaster, Morbius and Speed Demon figures.
 Can't tell you enough how much I'm enjoying them already, especially the Speed Demon figure, who also comes with the head of Silvermane on an RC Racer care.  What's so funny about it, is the fact if you have the newest Ultron figure from the Target Exclusive 3-pack, you can simply swap heads, giving you a Silvermane figure. It's funny as shit, because I swear, Ol' Silver looks a lot like a pissed off Sir Ian McKellen. I got a skit in the works for next week from those two, Trust me, you'll enjoy it.

Of course since the Plastic Addiction is very real, I broke down and was bad, and bought two more figures yesterday; The new Jack O' Lantern and Ben Reilly figures.
 I was originally trying to see if my local Wal-mart was still had any Spider-Gwen or Venom figures in, which while they had a Spider-Gwen, I had to pass hard due to the bad paint smudges a huge chip on her cowl. So I got those guys instead.

Okay, so I more thing I wanted to briefly speak about.
I'm sure you guys have already heard it, but it appears DC's setting out for another reboot of sorts. This new project under the brand name, Rebirth (like the GL and Flash ones by Johns) will be affecting the entire DCU as Johns seeks to restore the legacy element back into the DCU that's sorely been missing for so long. So in other words, you'll probably get the classic Teen Titans back, the original JSA from the 40's will return, but brought forward into the into today's time, (I guess much like how the the teen X-Men from the 60's were brought into the current the MU.) and what's look to be a return of sorts to the Pre-Flashpoint versions of DC characters.
Now while Johns, Didio and Lee, have never came out and admitted it, and no surprise there, but the current NU52 and especially the DCYou lines have all failed, both in the long-term sales-wise and to bring in and keep new readers. Now sure there's be a blip here and there, especially with Batgirl, Gotham Academy and the Omega Men, but overall, they just haven't worked. So it's back to the drawing board and now the entire DCU will get the rebirth treatment like Johns did for Hal and Barry, but on a much larger scale. Johns stresses that this about using elements of the past to move forward in the present and beyond, not just an attempt to rehash old ideas.

Truthfully, after watching the video and listening to what Johns had to say and admit, it all sounded good, and everything long time readers and old readers who left liked to hear. But can the execution match the goal? I guess we'll see, but for their sake, I hope it works. It'd be in their best interest overall if it did.

Here's a link to said video if you're interested:


The King of Thessaly said...


Damn, that Morbius figure is TIGHT. But that Jack O' Lantern... DUDE. I will have to track that one down FOR SURE.

Rebirth. FINALLY! I won't get too excited for it- because they already fooled me once with Convergence... But if this truly, finally, for real means the end of the Nu52 and a return to the classic DC of my generation... oh, there will be MUCH rejoicing. And for Johns to say it will be like what he did with Flash and GL? Well, that fills me with much confidence. *fingers crossed* We'll see...

Dale Bagwell said...

Me too, that's why I fought the urge to shit on it as soon as I heard it. But I watched Johns speak, and I'm cautiously optimistic about this since the Rebirths were so good, well I liked the GL one better, but still...

They really are man. My wallet hates me, but it's very worth it.

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