Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Top 10: Daredevil Villains I Want To See Made

Happy Hump Day!

Welcome to another edition of the Top 10, where I present to you my list of the top 10 characters I'd love to see made as a figure in the Marvel Legends line.

Now last week I presented the top 10 Iron Man Villains I'd like to see made, this week, it's Daredevil's turn, and more specifically his gallery of rogues that haven't received the Marvel Legends treatment yet.

This will be the last time I used this type of format, in favor of  presenting lists of dream waves as a whole, and how to get the most out of dream choice, as well as providing Hasbro with a potential guide on how to get them cheap enough. In other words, I'll be listing waves I'd be done to buy.

But that's next week,
This week it's all about Daredevil's villains....

10). Ikari:

I'm just in love with this visual that Chris Samnee created here. I just love how much it's an exact reflection of his original yellow and red outfit, but in a ninja-style garb.

And here's some customs to show Hasbro how it can be done:

9). The Purple Man: 

Classic suited look here, Nothing too crazy going on here really. Surprised with Jessica Jones come and gone, he'd have already had an official figure made by now.

8). Lady Bullseye:

I know she gets shit form being a blatantly derivative character, but love the visual too much to care either way.

7). Coyote (The Spot):

What a letdown to find out this guy was really the Spot in disguise, but on the flip side, kudos to him for showing us a hidden dark, aggressive side. Personally, he should've been allowed to  have kept this persona.

6). Typhoid Mary:

And where would a list like this be without an appearance by Matt's other famous ex?
Typhoid Mary had her own figure made by Toy Biz in the late 90's,, but has yet to have her own figure made in the ML line. I'd go for the classic look, be she has had some minor updates through the years that would work just as well.

5). The Jester:

Hey, why not the the Jester? He's a devious son of a bitch, and has simple enough design to not be too costly to make.

4). Death-Stalker:

Visually he's pretty cool even though he hasn't bee seen or relevant in years. Still, seems like a waste. Oh and apparently there's a new female Death-Stalker around these days. That's another option.

3). The Owl:

Is it time for the Owl to get his due? Sure why not.

  Here's how it could look, especially if they went with his classic look:

2). Gladiator:

Melvin Potter would be a damn good choice to almost top of this list of longtime DD foes. Seriously, how cool would it be to see a figure like this on the shelves?

They can use the new Whirlwind figure to help out on this one.

1). Mr. Fear:
This one to me, is the number-one want above all others in this list, and yes folks, it's purely visual.

I mean, since he has so many looks die to so many guys assuming the Mr. Fear identity, you have the choice of multiple outfits.

My suggestion is taking advantage of the newly-released Taskmaster figure, especially the two alt heads to see how to do this.
Or even re-use some Moon Knight stuff as well.
Here's some customs though:

One last suggestion, I'd like to see a classic Bullseye figure.

Sure the one we got over ten years ago still more than holds up, but a new one wouldn't be either. One with more blues in it than black, and with an alternative unmasked head with the carved bullseye symbol on his forehead.

Here's some cool, customs for Hasbro look at for inspiration:

That's my list, what would yours be?


Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

I better write this down before I forget it, Blade vs Deadpool.

Dale Bagwell said...

Blade versus Deadpool huh? Interesting match up actually.
I'll go with my boy Deadpool because A). It's Deadpool but more importantly B). Blade'll doubtlessly get tired of having to listen to Wade's jokes because he won't due from all the wounds he inflicts on Wade, and leaves.

Whatta' think?

Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

i'm gonna go with Blade. like Deadpool, Blade has an arsenal of weapons, super human reflexes/speed and a healing factor not to mention comparable hand to hand combat skills. but Blades super human strength i think would give him the edge.

Dale Bagwell said...

Hmm, maybe. sill going with Deadpool. His unique brand of crazy would be enough to distract Blade or just frustrate him enough to leave. Actually a better question would be which version would be a better matchup, Deadpool during his first few years on the scene, or current 'Pool?

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