Tuesday, February 16, 2016

How High?

So I went and watched the new Deadpool movie with my girlfriend and my sister, and damn did I enjoy the fuck out of it! This movie has single-handedly and personally, renewed my faith in Ryan Reynolds as an actor in comic book movies. His performance was just that damn good!
Seriously, if you haven't already, I implore you to go watch it now.

The jokes (both inside and non-insider) action and violence, everything....go watch it multiple times.
And if that still doesn't grab ya', how about the fact that it contains the most surprising Stan Lee cameo in Marvel comic movie yet! Especially because this is finally one character he didn't have a hand in creating. And R-rated at that! 
And yes there are extras after the credits, but all done, as the whole movie is, in typical Deadpool tongue-in-cheek fashion.

And now, onto today's skit.....

True story folks;)


Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

I've always had faith in Reynolds as an actor in comic book movies he's usually good I them as seen in Wolverine and Blade. But this time he's not just good but also in a good movie.

Dale Bagwell said...

This time yes. I'm already waiting for the inevitable sequel which is already in the works.
The thing I've noticed is the concern, most recently voiced by writer/director James Gunn about how studios are now going to push to make all superhero movies from here on out R-rated.
I have to say that is a legit concern, considering how much bank the Deadpool movie's already made. Studios only see $ signs by getting an r-rating rather than looking at how strong and well-down the adaption of the source material was, as was the case this time around.
I guess we'll see, but news that the next and last Wolverine sequel is going to have an r-rating is already giving those concerns validation.

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