Thursday, February 25, 2016

So, Who Would Win?: Deadshot VS. Bullseye


Hey just wanted to give a quick plug to one of the hottest and freshest presented professional wrestling shows out there today, Lucha Underground!

Already on its 2nd season and available only on the El Rey cable network, LU for me, manages to do in only one hour, what the WWE's Monday Night Raw tries to do in 3; entertain me for the duration of the entire show. Not an easy task when you consider how Raw has the more established name, bigger name talent, more money, etc. But what LU does better is showcase actual wrestling, as opposed to tired, long-winded promos. And while both use the elements of soap opera as its main thematic way of story-telling, LU does it in a unique manner, making the show look like a movie or true tele-novella in the proud Mexican/Spanish tradition.

LU also has its own collection of colorful and unique luchadores, with equally colorful names such as Drago, El Pentagon Jr, Prince Puma, Aerostar, Fenix,  and much much more.

and they have a few former WWE name wrestler sin there as well other world-class wrestlers from other organizations worldwide.
Another plus for it, is the format; it's divided up into seasons, much like a typical television series is, so you're given a definite beginning and ending.
Plus there's usually a rotating cast of characters outside of the main core ones, to watch. So if you're tired of seeing one guy, another new guy debuts to spice things up.

The major problems facing LU though, are lack of exposure, since it's only available on one channel not a lot of people probably get, no DVDs of the show have been made available too, so that also hurts it. Plus more advertising beyond their social media pages would also help spread the word. And of course Money as always, since they're having to operate within the confines of a set budget, much like an tv show is,

Season 3 seems to be a lock, but LU's business model must change and become  more effective in order for their to be a 4th.
But for now, I'm enjoying the ride as a fan, and I invite you to give it a try yourself, whether you're an old wrestling fan, new fan, or just looking for something different to watch on Wednesday nights.

And for the main event, and the very reason (hopefully) you stopped by long enough to read this one,
Deadshot VS. Bullseye, as they go head-to-head in this week's edition of So, Who Would Win?

So if you don't already know the deal about these two famous assassins, I'll wait while you wiki 'em.

Got it? Good.

For my scenario in which these two face off against each other, it's a simple but effective one;
Deadshot and Bullseye have been hired by rich rival crime bosses, and after having successfully foiled each other's assassination attempts, now they finally meet to put an end to each other's existence. For the right price of course.

Now to me, one really doesn't have an overwhelmingly obvious advantage over the other if you really think about it.

Floyd's an assassin who usually never misses his a target when he aims at it (usually unless it's Batman for example) is well-versed in the use of most conventional man-made weapons, and uses body armor to help keep him from getting killed.
He's done the team thing as well, famously being a member of the Suicide Squad.

Lester's an assassin who also usually never misses a target when he aims at it (usually unless it's Daredevil for example) and is also well-versed in the use of most conventional man-made weapons. Of course he has and can, use seemingly ordinary items like paper clips or pencils to kill people.
While he doesn't wear body armor, he does posses an adamantium-covered spinal cord, so no worries ever of having a broken back.
He's also done the team thing, having famously one been a member of Norman Osborne's Thunderbolts turned Dark Avengers.

And there you have it; two world-class mercenaries going at it until one or both are dead.





Who Would Win and Why?
As always, I'd love to hear who you think makes it out this one alive, even if barely.

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