Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Top 10: Flash Villains That Haven't Been Made Into Action Figures Yet

Happy Hump Day!!!!

As you guys probably know, lately I've been putting together various wishlists of the top ten characters I'd like to see be made into action figures.

And trust me, with the sheer amount of characters out there from the big two, there's a lot, and I mean A LOT of heroes and villains who don't have their own action figures.

This week's theme is The Flash's Rogue's Gallery, specifically the ones that I think are past due being represented into action figure form.

10). Weather Wizard (Classic)/(Modern)

Honestly as much as I'd like to see the classic version made, I'll go for the modern one too. Anything just as long as he's finally made.

9). Heatwave (Classic)

Another Rogue that desperately needs to be crossed off this list. hell any list. And now that he's regularly appearing on the new Legends of Tomorrow show, then there's never been a better time than now to make him.

8).  The Top (Classic)

Ever since I saw him and that design, I've always wanted to see the Top made in action figure form, especially for the DCUC line.  I still do:(

7). The Trickster (Classic)

Much like the others on this list, he's one of the last classic members of the Rogues that really, really needs to be made already. Love that costume too.

6). Abra Kadabra

There's a couple versions of his look you can go with, so I went with the top two I'd like to see. The current Nu52 one is just to boring and uninspired-looking.

5). The Icicle (Classic)

He's a golden age villain and has a cool design. Win-win here.

4). Rainbow Raider

What? Why not the Rainbow Raider? He's earned it this spot.

3). The Pied Piper (Classic)/(Modern)

I'd easily go for both versions of the Pied Piper, but I figure out the two, the modern one's probably the most likely to be made.

2). Dr. Alchemy/The Alchemist (Classic)

Another classic villain with an equally classic look that's simple enough to pull off without too having to make too many new parts.

1). Black Flash

A very deserving figure to be made I think, You can either do a straight up repaint or really go to town and do a full-on twisted sculpt that really sells how scary the Black Flash can look.

And here's the Top 5 runner-ups:

5). The Trickster (Axel Walker)

This new kid's more likely to have an action figure made before the original does, so might as well go ahead right?

4). Zoom (Hunter Zolomon)

Slight and simple repaint for the Prof. Zoom figure that was made in the DCUC line, and other lines.

3). Mr. Element

Here's a classic villain that just missed making the main list. They could really do this one up really well if they really invested in the sculpt, especially the helmet design.

2). The Golden Glider (Classic)

Captain Cold's sister is back among the living in the NU52, so while that look would more than likely to be made than her original classic look, I still prefer the classic look myself.

1). The Thinker (Modern Computerized Form)

Originally just a regular guy who wore a fancy spaghetti strainer for a weapon, this computerized version of Cliff DeVoe looks a million times better than he originally did. A slight challenge to realize in 3-D figure form, but worth a shot I think. I'd sure love to see how they'd do it.

That's my list, what's yours?

And yes, I already thought about The Turtle and decided to exclude him because of his lame "powers" and design.


The King of Thessaly said...

Wasn't there a DC DIRECT JLA CLASSIFIED Flash repaint of Zoom? I think there was... it might have been an exclusive, though...

Can you believe that The fuckin' Turtle was on Flash? I love that fuckin' show.

They need to make a whole Flash line. Only problem would be they'd probably tie it to the show and we'd only get THOSE versions. For the show those version make sense (and half are pretty damn close anyways) but for a figure: I want full-on comic accuracy!

Dale Bagwell said...

Yeah I think you're right man. I thought so, but wasn't sure. My only major gripe(besides a major lack of articulation) was that it was made in the Ed McGuinness buck body instead a much slimmer body.

He was? I don't watch the show so I missed it. Yeah I know.."Why wouldn't you watch it?"
And honestly I don;t know either other than the fact it just bores me. It just really does. I don't know why, it just does.

Show-accurate figures are becoming more and more common, so yeah, while an appearance by any Flash-villain or Rogue would give them an automatic chance of being made, you're right in that we'd be screwed out of a comic-accurate version as a compromise.
And speaking of show-accurate, there's a "We're not officially calling ourselves DCUC, but we really are" Multiverse line of figures out I believe with the Flash and Reverse Flash figures form the show debuting in said line. I'm skipping them and the wave, other than maybe the Calvin Ellis Obama Superman Morrison created.

Looking at my list, I'm just flat out surprised there;s no Heatwave, Trickster, or Weather Wizard figures, and yet Marvel's ML line is just killing it by putting out B/C-list villains on their end. If DC can do the same thing, we'd see these figures in no time.

The King of Thessaly said...

It would be nice to assemble the Rogues in action-figure form... Crazy that you can't! Like you said- Marvel is just making figures outta everyone! (Well, almost everyone as you pointed out in past lists...) But still. Both DC and Marvel do this thing where they go through phases of being embarrassed about old cheesy costumes/characters, to embracing them full on... then back again.

Greg Berlanti is just doing good work. With Arrow always being to grim/gritty/dark/"realistic" (as is the trend) it's nice to have Flash, Supergirl, and Legends be so super fun, lighthearted, and comic-booky. I mean they are doing the classic Black Mercy/"For the Man Who Has Everything" story on Supergirl next week. -Love it. And to be fair- Arrow has grown a lot as a show and embraced it's comic-book roots a lot more in recent seasons... Still my least favorite of the four, though.

You at least excited for Deadpool? The merciless marketing got annoying about two months back but I'm still pumped in spite of it. I'll be front row with my boy Liefeld on opening night.

Dale Bagwell said...

Pretty dead on about that whole embarrassing bit. I don't get it, but it exists nonetheless. I'm just glad that Marvel figure-wise is out of that phase for now. I guess the only really positive to come out of the whole unofficial official ban on new FF and X-Men merchandise (even though it's been heavily rumored that there's an X-Men exclusive wave coming out this year) has given us characters we wouldn't normally get, so there's that.

I am, I am, so much so that I'm actually going to brave the large crowds and go see it in theaters. Just gotta'you know?

Your boy Liefield eh? Jesus man.....ha ha ha.

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