Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Top 10: Iron Man Villains I Want To See Made Into Action Figures

Happy Hump Day.....

It's that time again folks where I list the Top 10 characters I want to see made into action figure form.
This week I'm listing my top 10 choices of Iron Man villains that I want to see made that haven't been yet, but really should.

Here we go......

10). Firebrand (Classic):

Firebrand's a pretty-cool looking IM villain, and just going by his classic design, seems to be a pretty easy make, by reusing and repainting previous popular molds. I don't know, maybe they can use the Blizzard figure and go from there.

Here's a custom I've posted as a reference for them:

9). Nitro: 

How has the guy who basically responsible for starting the whole Civil War franchise not been made yet? Seriously? Now sure, they could've used any poor shuck villain to do the deed, but they picked Nitro. So why not honor the bastard who killed so many....and the original Captain Marvel when he gave him cancer, and give him his own figure already.

Again, here's a couple examples on how it's done:

8). Spymaster (Classic):

I'm not even gonna' try the hard sell with this guy. He's more than earned his own action figure.
Classic version please.

Okay, they made a minimate figure, but still....

7). The Unicorn:

Okay, I get that at this point, he's kind of a joke, but he didn't start out that way, and could definitely be viewed as a legit threat again if he was properly rehabilitated. He's also had multiple looks, so the final choice of figure could be any of these looks, and I'd be okay with any of them, even his modern look.

6). Graviton (Classic):

Hell yeah Graviton! He's a classic villain who's made his name mainly fighting the Avengers, but he has fought Iron Man plenty, especially during the early West Coast Avenger years, Give this guy his own figure already!

Shit, even his animated look would be a solid choice.

5). The Controller (Classic):

Now here's a guy who's definitely made his rounds fighting most every superhero in the MU, but started out primarily as an Iron Man villain. I'd love to see him made as a real figure.

And shit, based off some of these customs, they can always repaint the ML Thanos BAF or ML Select Thanos,,,

4). The Melter (Classic):

Okay so Mr. Bruno Horgan (yes, that's his actual name) is pretty much a loser villain on par with a Whirlwind, Boomerang or a Blizzard, but it's also part of his charm right? No, okay then.
Well if nothing else, I dig his classic silver age look, and think it'd make a pretty solid addition on my toy shelf, as seen by this custom figure:

On a related note, how funny is this custom hero-clix figure of the Melter doing what he was probably put on this Earth to do; terrorize ice cream trucks.

3). Count Nefaria (Classic):

Here's another classic Marvel villain who's battled a veritable who' who of MU heroes, but started out as an Iron Man villain, particularly one that was the head of the MU version of the mafia and the father of one of Tony's former girlfriends', Madame Masque,

I want to see him made in his classic, iconic look, 'cause no other look will do.

These customs sure got the right idea....

2). Ultimo (BAF):

 It's Ultimo people! Not much of a sell job to do here, as he was born to become an action figure. Of course he has to be a huge BAF in the same tradition as a Sentinel and Galactus to really do him justice. Do it Hasbro!

1). Iron Man 2020: 

Now there was an Iron Man 2020 figure made in the smaller 3 inch Marvel Universe line, but not in the main Marvel Legends line.

Why I don't know, but there needs to be. Big time! So do it Hasbro!

-The Ghost (Classic/Animated):

Sure we did get a Ghost figure, but not the one we should've got. Instead we got the Thunderbolts' version, which worked out to the extent that we got the new ML Jack O' Lantern figure, but I'd have much preferred the original, classic version instead. Maybe that look got passed over because it was too bland-looking.

Hell the Iron Man Adventures version looks like a nice compromise on a more modern take.

-Detroit Steel:

More-so a protagonist than an out an out villain, but the recent creation of the Detroit Steel character does give us a pretty solid option that screams action figure as loudly as the patriotic red, white, and blue colors he so proudly wears.

-The Living Laser:
So I was all set to go into a mini-tirade about why it's so criminal we haven't had a figure of ol' LL, despite the unreleased Living Laser figure we almost got back in the old Iron Man animated series line.

 but then Hasbro recently announced that they are releasing a Living Laser figure after all....he's just not the one I want.

 It's his most recent, modern look, and it's fucking ugly.
Anyhoo, Hopefully one day soon, I hope Hasbro finally gets around to making a figure of both his classic look here:

and his initial laser form look here:

But in the 6 inch ML line. I'm sure they can use the translucent plastic they used for other figures in the recent past, so do it Hasbro!

- Whiplash (Classic)

We got this classic IM baddie in the animated IM series line, but still no Whiplash appearance in the ML line.

 That needs to be remedied quickly.

Like this:

And hell, I'll even go for the more modern look as seen here:

And here's a nice custom figure of the modern version to show Hasbro how its done:

- Dreadknight (Classic)

Same deal as Whiplash up there, he had a figure in the IM line, but no appearance where I'd like him to be, and that's with his very own Marvel Legends figure.

So those are my choices for Iron Man villain figures. What's yours?


Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

One of the best fights during the Marvel 80s era was between Machine Man and Iron Man 2020 in issue 4 of the 1984 Berry Windsor Smith Machine Man mini-series. It was just awesome and I always liked that futuristic Iron Man armor design.

Dan W said...

Iron Man should have a wave of toys every year! The options in armour alone are crazy. I would add to this list, 90's foes The Masters of Silence, and Fing Fang Foom like Paul Ryan drew him.

Is there a good Madame Masque already, if not throw her into :)

Dale Bagwell said...

@Shlomo: Me too man, me too, and that's why I want a 6 inch IM2020 figure sooooo damn bad.
Especially since I have a Machine Man figure just waiting to re-enact that fight with:(

@Dan: IM basically does these days, except they;re just recent movie versions of his armor, versus digging into his past more.

He has sooooo many villains to choose from, you could easily fill 3-4 waves just off his back catalog alone.
Shit, you can also add, Vibro, Chemistro, The Freak, The Vault Guardsmen, Updated and re-done versions of the Crimson Dynamo and the Titanium Man, and so much more. Hopefully we'll see more of his rogues in future waves.

There is a Madam Masque figure, but she can defintiely deserves another shot at a better-made figure.

The King of Thessaly said...

Fuck yeah, Firebert! I mean; Firebrand!!! I only know him from showing up in some old Spider-Man back-issues. Possibly Web of... it was good stuff.

Wow... The Controller is really just Thanos in disguise, huh?

Good old Iron Man 2020, another favorite of mine! Even since Machine Man, as Shlomo mentioned.
I was excited he showed up again during Secret Wars, in the new Armor Wars series.
Eww- that little figure of him SUCKS.

I'm partial to The Living Laser's "laser-look" myself.

Whiplash has SUCH a great costume (the classic one)- my biggest disappointment in Iron Man 2 was that they didn't even fucking try with him...
I do NOT remember the name change in the cartoon! Backlash? Wonder why??? -That's still a great figure, regardless.

Another great list!

Dale Bagwell said...

@King: Yeah I guess he really has been Thanos in disguise all this time. Who knew? I guess power-mad, A-type personalities sometimes like to slum a little, and get in touch with their sado-masochistic side. Eh who knows? But that would be an easy and cost-cutting idea for Hasbro to jump on when they finally decide to make the Controller.

I'm more than partial to the Laser look myself. Shit I really want both; his classic and laser look in figure form. 50/50 variant split here guys?

I know right? They just got lazy and decided to mash the real name of the first Crimson Dynamo and whiplash together, and there you go. Rourke wasn't that bad in it, but the movie on the whole (lol) just sucked.

Yeah that is weird, so I looked it up, and the in-story reason is just that he had received an upgrade in weapons, gadgets, and his outfit. But then he'd flip-flop between the two identities at the drop of a hat. Apparently he was diagnosed as a manic-depressive, so maybe that has something to do with it, as in maybe when he feeling super-down about getting his ass kicked in one identity, he'd switch to the other to attempt to make himself feel better. I don't know. I would've swore up and down that it was the decision of some clueless tv exec who wanted the name changed so as not to influence kids to turning into bullwhip enthusiasts or if catwoman and Indiana Jones hadn't already done that by now, but yeah...weird.

Thx man. I aim's to please. Just ask the ladies;)

googum said...

I know a lot of people really, really want a classic Beetle. Maybe not first-appearance classic, that thing was pretty shoddy; late-model green and purple.

Dale Bagwell said...

@Googum: I know, they really, really do,and I think that's a figure we do definitely and sorely need, a true classic Beetle figure. I think they can modify that UU Beetle figure's head and somehow reuse and repaint a body they already have, or bite the bullet and just craft a new unique one that they can use again later.
But yeah, a classic beetle figure is a must at this point.

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