Thursday, February 11, 2016

So, Who Would Win?: Amazo VS. The Super-Adaptoid


So yesterday I finally got a new figure. Wasn't sure that was honestly going to happen, what with having to shell out for car repairs, sister's birthday, Valentine's Day, and most importantly, availability.

I unfortunately don't live in the best area for prime selections of new shipments of figures. Just a cold, hard fact. So when a new wave of figures comes in, it's like how Christmas used to feel for me when I was a kid; AWESOME!!!!

Anyhoo, I've been eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Absorbing Man and Red Onslaught waves of Marvel Legend figures that everyone else seems to have, so resisting the temptation to spend money I don't have buying them off Amazon, I resigned myself to having to wait like a good little man-boy for next month.

But after making a trip to my local Wal-mart, I found this guy:


Straight from the Red Onslaught BAF Wave, it's the classic mutant(betcha' didn't know he was a mutant did ya'?) member of the Masters of Evil.

He was hanging there right next to a Cap-Wolf figure, which I surely would've bought without any hesitation...except there was plenty of that when giving him the thorough look-over. Didn't want to, but with too many paint smudges, I had to pass.
But I did buy this guy, and he's a damn fine solid figure. Trust me, I wrote (well I will soon before I forget them) a whole bunch of jokes roasting him for his helmet, that really looks like a cross between a sex -toy and the gimp from Pulp Fiction. He does!!!

Apparently my Wal-mart got a shipment in Tuesday morning, but by the time I got there yesterday, only Cap and Whirlwind were left. Damn:(
I guess it's back to playing the waiting game as they didn't have anymore in the back and have a 2-week waiting period before getting any new shipments in. That means, next month I'm going to have to make a toy-hunting trip out of town....or I spend the extra cash I'd probably spend on gas, and buy 'em off Amazon.

They did have the DKR 30th Anniversary DC Multiverse Batman, Superman, and Bat-Warrior figures, but I passed for now due to lack funds and because while pretty damn solid-looking, don't have the sense of urgency for me to get like the Marvel Legend figures do for me.

Okay, on to the main topic for today, as I present the combatants for this week's edition of So, Who Would Win?, as I pit the killer android Amazo against another killer android, the Super-Adaptoid.

In one corner we have Amazo, a killer android creating by the evil Dr. Ivo in 1960, whose sole purpose was to defeat the JLA. Amazo's powers were that he had special cells inserted into his mechanical body that allowed to to steal and replicate all of the JLA's powers, even though initially it was about half their strength.

Over the years, Amazo would adapt and grow more and more powerful until he was at the level where he could mimic not just the initial powers of the silver age JLA'ers, but any superhero he fought against. This of course made him quite unstoppable, forcing the JLA or whoever was unfortunate to be fighting him, to have seek out a deus ex machina to beat him or risk eventual death.

Likewise, the Super-Adaptoid, Marvel's killer robot created by A.I.M. in 1966 for the sole of defeating the Avengers, also had the ability to mimic any and all of the Avengers powers and abilities. Except in the Super-Adaptoid's case he took on the appearance of a mish-mash of the Avengers themselves just like the Composite Superman character.

 Damn Marvel, why you stealin' brah!?

Juts like Amazo, the Super-Adaptoid would evolve and change over the years, growing more powerful and dangerous each time he appeared.

So I'm wondering what would happen if these two ever faced in each other in a fight.
Would either have one have a distinct advantage over the other, or would they fight to a stalemate with their powers being just too dead-even?

That's what you'll have to decide.




The Super-Adaptoid

Who Wins and Why?

Let me know what you think.


Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

don't know either of these two character well enough to even make an educated guess here. but i can tell you this, just saw Deadpool and it makes for a great Valentine's Day movie. it is a love story after all.

Dale Bagwell said...

I'm going to go see it myself today with my girlfriend and sister. Can't wait.

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