Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Soaked In Bleach

Happy Hump Day People!!!!

Love him or hate him, but his death and circumstances surrounding it has helped cement his legacy as rock legend.

I'm talking about Kurt Cobain of course.

I'm old enough to remember his death and the impact it had on the music industry at the time.
He helped usher in the era of Grunge, and then when he died, so too did Grunge.
Well basically it did. I mean it sure limped along until '96, but for the most part the spirit and creativity it inspired died with Cobain.

I remember the huge out-pouring of sadness and shock amongst his many fans and followers, as well as the music industry of a whole, not seen since John Lennon's assassination.

Now back then, I was a fan of Nirvana. Hell, the whole grunge genre, and despite being only 12 going on 13.

I though Cobain was due every bit of accolades and praise he got. From magazines to music channels, there wasn't a list he made that I though he deserved. After all, who could deny just how influential Nirvana was back then.

I remember when Cobain and Vedder and their respective bands (Nirvana and Pearl Jam) were hailed their generation's Beatles and Rolling Stones.
I don't know if I 'd go that far, especially because there was and will always be only one Beatles and 'Stones, but I got why the comparisons were made.

Then I got older.

I discovered more and more, that Cobain was definitely not someone to be admired and looked up to, at least not in his personal life.

Sure drug use is as a part of the whole Rock n' Roll lifestyle as the instruments and groupies, but I draw the line when it affects kids, and that's exactly what his and his wife Courtney Love's drug addiction did to his only daughter Francis Bean.

Poor Francis got the "honor"of being born addicted to Heroin, her mommy and daddy's drug of choice.
That led to the state of  Washington temporarily placing Francis into foster care until somehow her parents convinced the courts to let her let them take her back.

And there's more, as the documentary Montage of Heck explains.
I had already long since soured on Cobain, but watching this did not help change that at all.
In fact, it just made my already low opinion of him even lower.

And then a friend told me about this:

It's a documentary about the belief that Kurt's death by suicide wasn't a suicide, but a murder caused by Kurt's ex Courtney Love.

This is has long been a very popular theory, and I gotta' say, the theory definitely has legs.
The private investigator Courtney hired to find Kurt during one of his last drug binges, reveals a lot of details in his dealing with her that didn't add up.

That coupled with recent revelations about the humongous bungling by the Seattle Police of the crime scene, the found pages of a handwriting test that belonged to Love, that has been suggested and shown to possibly be evidence that Love forged Cobain's suicide note.

There's more of course. Much much more that'll definitely make you think. And I'll readily admit to feeling freaked out by just how many of these "coincidences" seemed to line up and make sense.

Here's a link to two trailers:

It comes out this year, and if you're at all interested in conspiracy theories, unsolved murder mysteries, or just Kurt Cobain in general, I highly recommend you watch this, and the previously-released Montage of Heck documentary.

All of this hasn't changed my opinion of Cobain. Sure it beyond sucks that he died just when he was beginning to turn things around for himself, kick drugs, get out of the music biz, divorce Courtney, and basically get his shit together.

I primarily really feel bad for his daughter Francis Bean. She's old enough to see and hear all this, especially films and documentaries about her mother possibly and probably being responsible for her father's death.

These days they seem to be close, but back some time ago, they weren't.
I hope in the end, she's allowed to have a normal and fruitful life, because let's face it, her father was made out to be a rock n' roll martyr, and her mother a homicidal and opportunistic drug addict.


Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

There's a section in the music hall of fame in Seattle devoted to Nirvana I think you would have liked it.

Dale Bagwell said...

Oh I'm not surprised there is;)

What's your thoughts/opinions on whether or not Courtney Love had a hand in Cobain's death?

Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

I didn't even know that rumor was flying around. sounds about as likely as all the 911 inside job crap all over the internet leftards like to obsess over.

Dale Bagwell said...

I'd usually agree with you there, but based off what I've read and seen, the likelihood of her being involved is super high. And again, that won't change my opinion of him, but its just wrong to see a parasite like that get away with it if its true. The truth usually comes out, as we just saw with the recent admittance by the CIA about their involvement with the JFK assassination. Just sucks that it can sometimes take so long to come out, that the guilty parties are either dead or past the point of being legally accountable for their actions.

Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

"the recent admittance by the CIA about their involvement with the JFK assassination", I follow the news pretty regularly and that would have been quite a bombshell but I haven't heard a thing about that.

Dale Bagwell said...

It just came out in an article on Facebook.

Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

Oh an article on Facebook? Well I guess it's a closed case then. Look man, I'm not saying it's not possible some rogue elements in the CIA but I would caution you from indulging in conspiracie theories that turn up on the Internet. By the way it looks like another not so big fan of Comic Book Men left a comment yesterday.

Dale Bagwell said...

I'll have to find you the link. It could be bogus. After all, i figured if the American public every found about that, shit would hit the fan....then again, maybe not. As long as the 1$ menu, iPhones, and selfies keep existing, they'll gladly gloss over it.

Dale Bagwell said...

Found it, as well as some other links saying the same thing:




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