Thursday, October 29, 2015

So, Who Would Win?: The Devil's Rejects VS. The Manson Family


Welcome to the final Halloween horror-themed edition of So, Who Would Win, where I pit horror-themed characters against each other.

Trying to figure out who to use for this final fight was a challenge.
At first I was thinking of going with Jack Kirby's The Demon taking on Mephisto, and I just might do that in a future edition, but for me for now, I thought was a safe, easy option.

Then I considered pitting fellow horror movie icons Jason Voorhees against Michael Myers.
You know you've always wondered about that one too, but to me, as interesting as it initially sounds, since they both have amazing healing abilities, that one could last for a loooooooong time, with no clear winner. In the end, the whole thing would either end in a stalemate or a double KO.

Back to the drawing board.

Then I thought about The Devil's Rejects, Rob Zombie's homicidal family against Leatherface's homicidal family in a battle of dysfunctional killer families.

But to me at least, as fun as it sounds on the surface, it'd really be a quick fight. Why? Because outside of the Leatherface, the rest of the family isn't really worth a damn as fighters.
Between Baby, Otis, Captain Spaulding and Tiny, Leatherface is fucked.
But hey, I can always come back to that scenario though at a later time.

Then another fun and wicked thought occurred to me; why not pair the Devil's Rejects against the one killer family that inspired them and countless others, The Manson Family?

I'm not saying the Manson family's members are physically superior to Leatherface's kooky clan, but they're definitely more fascinating, and they're pretty much the template for which future crazy, homicidal families/cults were patterned off of right?

Now in my scenario somehow, for some reason, either the Mansion Family head out to Texas, particularly, the town or Ruggsville, where the Devil's Rejects live to either recruit or take a vacation.


Either ignoring the ending to the second movie or supposedly right before they get killed, The Devil's Rejects travel to California where they run into the Manson Family.

Either way, both killer clans meet.

Charles Manson was a very charismatic guy. He knew how to draw you in and hold your attention. Or so we've all been led to believe.

Let's say both groups have vaguely heard of the other's reputation, and at first it's one big mutual admiration fest. But then that whole alpha male thing comes out, and either Captain Spaulding or Otis, probably Otis, gets the ass at Manson. Maybe Manson hits on his sister Baby too much, and she's actually digging what he's laying down.

Call it professional jealousy, a case of anti-social behavior rearing its ugly head, or his brotherly instincts coming out, but one thing leads to another, and Otis goes after Manson hard.


The Devil's Rejects


The Manson Family

Who Would Win and Why?

I'm damn curious what you guys think about this one.

Speaking of, its almost hard to believe it's now been 10 years since The Devil's Rejects was released.
I remember my sister of all people, introducing me to House of a 1000 Corpses, the first movie before this one, and I was instantly hooked. I thought Rob Zombie could do no wrong when it came to making horror movies after watching this. I mean, shit, a more natural pairing than this between the two couldn't have been made right?

The Devil's Rejects came out, and it further cemented that idea in my head. I love it more than the first, but was admittedly glad Otis, Baby, and Captain Spaulding got their comeuppance in the end. I mean in the first one it was hard to root against them when those stupid fucking kids didn't really earn my sympathy. But this time, I was surprisingly rooting against the bad guys this time.

Anyhoo, after that, and the mock trailer he made, Nazi Werewolf Women of the SS( I still wish he had made that one instead of what he did next), for Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez's  Grindhouse movie.

And then he remade Halloween, and I realized maybe his first two movies might've been flukes.
I just really had a hard time getting into his remakes. I just hated them.

Maybe in time I'll soften my stance and re-watch both of them, but for now, I personally feel he killed his movie career with those remakes. Well that, and the other movie he made after that, Lords of Salem. I'll let you check it out for yourself, as I was warned it was a waste of time, and curious, I chose to watch it anyways. Yep, my friend was right.

He's making another one called 31, which is about evil clowns. The trailer to this one actually looks pretty good, so perhaps he might win me back. Who knows.

Here's the trailer in case you're interested:

That's me for this week. Hope you guys and gals have a good weekend and a damn fun Halloween....

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