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So, Who Would Win?: Dr. Strange VS. Damien Hellstrom, Son of Satan


What's up people?

So I know I was supposed to go with a horror theme for most of my posts in honor of Halloween this month, and so far aside from yesterday's post, I've only really continued that theme with these So, Who Would Win? posts. I'll try and do better as we get closer to Halloween.

But for now, here's another true horror-themed edition of So, Who Would Win, pitting Dr. Strange against Damien Hellstrom, the Son of Satan.

Now usually in the past, these two have always been on the same side, teaming up to fight whatever bad guys or demons have caused them to get together, most notably during the original run of the Defenders.
And as far as that team goes, Damien was a pretty good fit for team that proudly called itself a non-team. As he definitely was for the short time he was on the team.

And since Strange vouched for Damien to be on the team, you'd figure they were friends right? Or at the least, friendly associates.

Well when I was reading the Hellstrom series from the early 90's, I came across these particular scenes from #2:

Wow. Now that was I'm sure, a bit of a shocker for longtime fans and readers, since we were all under the assumption that they were chummier than that.

In fact, in the very next issue, we're shown through a series of flashbacks, that when Damien gave up his demonic birthright and exorcised his hellish dark side, that he became very, very ill due to the separation. He got so sickly, that his then wife Patsy(Hellcat) called Dr. Strange to see if he could help him. He couldn't of course, but you get my point. This was a stunning revelation at the time.

Then we get this series of panels when Strange inquires about Patsy:

So that got me thinking. What would happen if Strange has decided to fight Damien right there and then? Who would win in that fight?

And there you go, that's the basis for today's fantasy fight.

We all know Dr. Strange's power levels, and how ridiculously high they since he is after THE sorcerer supreme of the MU, but what about Damien?

 Exactly how powerful is he, and would it be a straight up slaughter like we're all led to believe? In other words, can and could Damien really hold his own against the good doctor in an out and out fight?

Here's a whole list of his powers and strength level according to his official entry @


As a ruler of a dimension of Hell, Hellstrom commands vast power in his own dimension, the full details and extent of which may yet to be revealed. Potentially, he can perform virtually any magical feat. 
As Hellstorm, Daimon Hellstrom could sense the presence of the supernatural and could cast spells to transport himself and others into mystical dimensions and back to Earth. Other powers he exhibited at this time may not have stemmed from himself (as he had lost his "Darksoul," see below) but from his magical trident. Hellstorm could project "soulfire" (also called "hellfire") from his trident, causing excruciating pain within living beings through direct contact of a person's life force. The soulfire did not physically burn in the sense that true fire does, and Hellstrom could project soulfire as a concussive blast of force. 
As the Son of Satan, Hellstrom possessed supernatural powers derived from his "Darksoul," a demonic counterpart to his human soul, which physically manifested itself in the pentagram-shaped birthmark on his chest. The Darksoul granted him superhuman strength and the ability to project soulfire. He was able to magically change into his demonic costume at will be extending the middle three fingers of each hand in the shape of a trident, concentrating, and letting his soulfire engulf his body. Once, Hellstrom used his powers to travel through time to ancient Atlantis. 
As Hellstorm and the Son of Satan, Hellstrom wielded a trident made of netharanium, a "psychosensitive" metal found only in "Satan's" extradimensional realm. The trident was a medium through which magical energies, such as Hellstrom's soulfire, could be amplified and projected. By projecting the soulfire through the trident, Hellstrom could gain enough thrust to levitate and to fly for short periods.
Magical and Mystical manipulation: As the Son of Satan and a ruler of a dimension of Hell, Hellstrom can manipulate, create and possessed supernatural powers and spells.
  • Netheranium Trident: Hellstrom wielded a trident made of Netheranium which can amplify and project magical energies.

Strength level

As far as is known, Daimon Hellstrom now possesses the normal human strength of a man of his age, height, and build who engages in moderate regular exercise
Possessing a Darksoul (the demonic version of an ordinary soul) grants Hellstrom greater strength than he would otherwise possess, enabling him to lift (press) about 750 pounds. 
So there you have it. Damien's no pushover by any means. Then if you factor in the possibility he ever goes full rogue and fully embraces his birthright, he could call on daddy on for a further power boost if need be.


Dr. Strange


Damien Hellstrom, Son of Satan

Who Wins, and Why?

I'm very curious to see who you think survives what would most certainly be one hell of an epic battle between two very strong occult forces.

On a related note, recently the two have been shown hanging out together, being friendly enough to team up and help the Avengers during Bendis' New Avengers run.

So I guess they're good then?  Eh, who knows

That's me for this week. Have a good one people.....


Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

i put in a call to the good see if he can help you out here Dale but i fear Ptor has not dwelt in the Sanctum Sanctorum for some time now. i must say however that one panel with Damien talkin that serious trash was pretty damn sweet.

~P~ said...

The name of Ptor is spoken in hushed whispers in dark corners whenever peril is near, and fear not, though his Sanctum appears uninhabited, he hears and sees all. If your need is great, he will come.

I AM here.

Though, I can not spare much time for a matter as minor as this, for even a novice would know that while Damien IS powerful; his birthright being to the dimension and powers of that nether-region quaintly known as "Hell", it is important to know that several demons claim the same right, and even more so, call multiple subsections of nether-regions as Hell, and ask claim to be "the Devil". There are many, and perhaps none of them are the true Hell.

However, DOCTOR STRANGE is THE Sorcerer Supreme of the entire dimension, including whatever sub dimensions are a part of it.
Certainly, he is not at his strongest when within their borders, and a local force can claim some home advantage, but bear THIS in mind before I depart...

DOCTOR STRANGE has bested -IN their own realms ALL aggressors.
DORMAMMU (who is far stronger than any "devil" OR the devil's SON), MEPHISTO (who is as close to your "Satan" a you might truly know), SATANNISH (ditto, and coincidentally, has been shown to be half-father to Damien along with Dormammu -YOU think about THAT) as well as SHUMA GORATH, the most powerful of the old ones.

Damien Hellstrom IS powerful, yes, but he is more of a petulant child than those of whom I speak.
He is also a good friend to the Doctor, and friends (especially those who travel in darkness as these two) sometimes have periods of falling out, though HAVE had more good times than not (and more than you seem to have noticed in your perusing).

Needless to say; Strange would have little trouble.

Now, I must depart.

Happy All Hallows to you and yours.


Dale Bagwell said...

@Shlomo: Thx, and yes, yes it is.

@Ptor: I won't disagree with you there, especially with all your sound points. I figure even if Damien to use daddy's resources, and even have the add of his sister Satanna, he'd still be no match for the good Doctor.
But man, what a fight it would be, regardless of the duration.

I was confused as I'm sure a lot of longtime readers were when Damien said he and Strange were never friends, despite plenty of historical evidence to prove otherwise. I believe that the writer, Rafael Nieves was merely going for shock value on that one. Hell, a page later, He has Damien openly admit he was lying about his "true" origin, so I don't doubt that was yet another lie. Why he did it? Who knows, I'd blame the writer for that inconsistency, the way I blame writers like Bendis who seemingly blatantly ignore continuity if it doesn't suit their story.

SO yeah, Strange goes over Damien any day, except for when a particular writer decides he doesn't on that day.

On unrelated note, I remember you talking about the the 12th Doctor Who in great length. What do you think of the newest season? The 2 parter with Davros was pretty damn good, and the newest incarnation of the Master as Missy seems to be equally ripe with possibilities.

Hope you have a good one yourself Ptor.

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