Thursday, October 22, 2015

So, Who Would Win?: The Original Green Goblin VS. The Original Hobgoblin


So Arrow and AHS: Hotel was on last night....

Arrow featured the continuation of the villain-of-the-week gimmick with Double Down.

Yes, Double Down, the meta with the power to kill you with razor sharp playing cards that come from his own body.

Man, if that's not a future inductee into the Hall of Shame, I don't know what is.
Anyhoo, DD fights and nearly kills Arrow the first time they fight, and then gets pwned pretty bad by the end of the episode. He was built up decently enough, but then just got predictably jobbed out by Diggle and Ollie, who then decided to be besties again after Ollie took a bullet,playing card meant for Diggle.

Other than that,Thea and Laurel go to Nanda Parbat to resurrect Sara, despite reservations by both Merlyn and Nyssa. Eventually Merlyn gets guilted into putting Sara back into the pit, which successfully restores her. Of course she goes all sex-nuts and retard-strong after emerging from said pit, causing a super-pissed Nyssa to attempt to make it so the pit can't be used anymore.

I'm sure the Legends of Tomorrow show will probably recap how Sara came back, but this is pretty much where and when it happened.

All-in-all, a very boring episode for me, despite the new developments that happened.
Just wasn't feeling it.

Next week's episode looks spooky as shit though, with Sara's dad looking like he's going to shoot a chained-up Sara. Too bad this is the CW, because if it was on a more adult channel, the creep factor for that one would be so much higher and darker, like a right out of the original Exorcist dark.

AHS: Hotel on the other hand was all sorts of awesome. More important flashbacks/back-stories, new and important development, better acting vs. Arrow, and Angela Basset's character shows up. I was wondering when she would, and man did her character not disappoint. She's basically Pam Grier from all those 70's movies but now as a vampire. Trust me, I'm not selling the awesomeness of that one enough.

All-in-all, a damn good episode this week that was 20 minutes less than last weeks, and last week's clocked in at a hour and 36 minutes. Time well spent I say.

Onto the main topic for today, this week's edition of So, Who Would Win? featuring two very well-known protagonists, the Green Goblin and the Hobgoblin, as I make them face off against each other in order to prove who's the better goblin.

Now this is isn't the first time either of these two have fought against each other before; nope although the main originals (Kingsley and Osborn) have only really fought recently during the whole Goblin Nation arc, other versions of the Hobgoblin and Green Goblin have dueled with each other.

-There was the time during the original Inferno event where the Jason Macendale version of Hobby battled Norman's son Harry:

-Or the time Phil Ulrich(the formerly heroic 4th GB) fought and killed Kingsley's twin brother:

-Norman battles and kills who he thought was the original Hobgoblin, only to turn to be a doppelganger:

But aside from those, and the results of the Goblin Nation, readers really didn't get a definitive answer on who was really the better Goblin of the two.

I'd like to finally see one, as both men fight to the death. Two goblins enter, only one goblin gets out alive.

No tricks, no doppelgangers. Just one last fight to the finish.


The Green Goblin


The Hobgoblin

Who Wins and Why?

With next week's post, this blog will have published it's 800th post.
Yup, the big 8-double-0.

Just seems like yesterday when I was putting out the 700th, or even the first 100th.
Now the 800th. 
How will I chose to celebrate the newest milestone? Tune in and see for yourselves.

Have a good one folks.....

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