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So, Who Would Win?: The Scarecrow(DC) VS. Mr. Fear


Welcome to another edition of So,Who Would Win? I'm your host Chuck Woolery, uh I mean Mr. Morbid of course;)

Today in honor of Halloween horror month,  I'm pitting two masters of fear in their respective universes, life-long Bat-Villain, The Scarecrow against life-long Daredevil foe, Mr. Fear.

Both primarily use fear, be it through chemicals, gases and potions like the Scarecrow, or....the same, plus intimidation and extortion for Mr. Fear. Hmm. Okay, I guess both of them pretty use the same methods to achieve their goals, although Mr. Fear doesn't go running around looking like a cracked-out farm effigy.

The main difference between the two, is really how they're treated by the writers and creative teams at the time.

The Scarecrow, despite his high jobber status, is usually treated and regarded pretty well as a key member of Batman's infamous rogue's gallery.

Mr. Fear on the other hand, despite having the bigger aspirations of the two of being a major crime boss, usually doesn't fare well against his respective foe Daredevil, nor does he benefit all that much from over 60 years of publicity and notoriety.

Seriously, who's more well-known of the two? The Scarecrow of course.
He's well-known for his many appearances in animated cartoons, and hell, he even made it into the Bat-movies, while Mr. Fear has never made a TV or cinematic appearance ever. Not even as a cartoon character.

He'd be a pretty good villain-of-the-week for the Arrow show, and the Netflix Daredevil series, but we'll really have to wait and see on that, as his stock isn't high enough at the moment I think, to be noticed by the show's writers.

That could change of course, but if he did, we all good and damn well he won't be sporting his usual costumed look.
Plus there's been a few Mr. Fears running around since he first showed up in 1965.

I guess if I had to, I'd pick the 3rd one, Larry Cranston. He was the ex-law student that blamed Matt Murdock for getting kicked out of law school, and has haunted him ever since.
I think he works better as the evil opposite to DD because, duh! the whole law thing and how they both use fear( in a ways) to their advantage.

Anyways, back to the match up at hand.

My scenario is that both self-proclaimed masters of fear have heard of each other alright, and plan on showing the other who's the true master of fear.

-They both come from intelligent and professional backgrounds (Cranston a law graduate; Crane a Professor)

-Both are similar in physicality, although Crane's somehow mastered his own form of Fear-Fu(he really did) and while Cranston's no Jackie Chan, obviously he can hold his own in a fight, even if short-term.

The other main deciding factor, is that the Scarecrow's immune to nerve gas, which is basically Mr. Fear's weapon of choice ,albeit I'm sure his fear gas is way different that the kind the Scarecrow uses.


The Scarecrow


Mr. Fear

Who Wins and Why?
Don't be afraid to weigh in here folks. Google and Wikipedia really are your friends if you need them;)

On the SWAG column, I just received the Wal-Greens exclusive Daredevil figure I ordered online. Sure he's supposed to show up in stores, but patience has never ever been a virtue of mine, so I went ahead and ordered him off Amazon.

And hot damn does he look good!

As a bonus of the new head/neck pegs in the ML line, I can easily swap the alternative Matt head onto my other recent DD ML figure, or pop him onto my Chameleon figure's body, to make Matt Murdock, attorney at law! Oh the skits brah, the skits!!!!

Earlier yesterday I bought another figure, the DC Collectibles NU52 Batman from the Greg Capullo artist series.

I know, I know, I already have a DC Classics NU52 Batman, but after a chance sighting at a local Gamestop on an unrelated errand, I looked a plenty of reviews until I sold myself on him, and I'm definitely glad I bought him.

 He's very well-articulated, and looks all shades of awesome standing next to the other Batmen in my collection, especially his brother, the 1st Appearance Batman from the Year Zero story arc.

Tomorrow,  the new ML Scarlet Spider figure I ordered comes in, as I've been waiting for a good while to finish building that sweet, sweet Rhino BAF.

Watched the season premieres of Arrow and AHS last night.

Arrow was pretty good, and it briefly filled us in what Ollie and Felicity have been up to, Ollie's been trying to find the right time to propose to Felicity, but then gets asked back to Star City(they changed the name from Starling in honor of Ray Palmer who they think is dead, but really isn't. He'll just be on another show) to help out with the latest all-consuming threat. The big bad of this season is Damien Dark, the same guy mentioned last season by Ra's.
So far Mr. Dark has shown to have mystic abilities as well as being a member, and maybe the leader(?) of the villainous group the H.I.V.E.

Very interesting to see how this all goes, especially with the fast-forwarding to 6 months later where Ollie's standing in front of a headstone.

Maybe Felicity dies, because it's heavily implied.  I guess we'll all see what the hell's going on throughout the season.

AHS: Hotel's first episode was pretty good. This is the season centered around Lady Gaga(and while I could give two shits about her) the show's creators and writers sure have done a good job so far of making her look every bit important to the main over-arching story as has been shown and teased.

Lots of easter eggs and movie homages here of course, especially with Stanley Kubrick's The Shining. I expect a shit-ton more of them and of other classic hotel horror movies throughout the season.

That's me for this week. Have a good one folks....

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