Monday, October 05, 2015

Head's Up!

The End

Yeah it kinda' helps make more sense if you read the second half of the awesomeness that was The Superior Foes of Spider-Man series by Nick Spencer.

So good. So, so good.

But basically Boomerang steals a rare portrait of Dr. Doom....maskless. From there he's on the run, playing the Chameleon and the Owl against each other in a bid to keep from getting killed by both crime bosses.

It's every bit as entertaining as it sounds, unless I just under-sold the whole thing....


Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

have you ever read Amazing Spiderman 280 and 281? they are some of the most action packed ass kicking Spiderman comics i've ever read with pencils by one of the most awesome and under rated pencilers of the 80s, Ron Frenz. it features Spidey and Silver Sable (with some timely assistance from Sandman)taking on the whole Sinister Syndicate which at the time was made up of Boomerang, The Beetle, Hydro Man, Speed Demon and The Rhino. here's some links to the issues check em out they will not disappoint . . .



Dale Bagwell said...

I have, and it really is some damn fine Ron Frenz art. Didn't Brett Breeding ink his work?

I used to have the Lethal Foes of Spider-Man mini issues, and it was alright. Needed better artwork, but it had potential.

googum said...

So much fun. Can't wait to get Speed Demon and the new Beetle!