Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Why Aren't They Used More?: The U-Foes

Trying this on to see how it fits folks....

So out of a long laundry list of characters that exist in a given comic book universe, it's not hard to see why certain characters that aren't super-popular get left behind or hardly used.

Case in point, The U-Foes.
If you know your Marvel history, you'l remember these guys.

Basically they did the FF origin-riff thing, but went a darker route in the transformation department to reflect their inner-ugliness as people.

All 4 members of the U-Foes, Vector, X-Ray, Vapor, and Ironclad, could all easily have decided to call themselves the Frightful Four.....that is if another villainous group hadn't beaten them to it.
But it'd be hard not to give 'em a pass, seeing as how deadly and injury-inflicting their combined powers are.

Trust me, these guys may seem like the standard resident punching bags for all the heroes in the MU, but these guys have easily gone toe-to-toe with famous super-teams like the Fantastic Four, and the Avengers and held their own..

Several times in fact

Their most popular dancing partner though is the Incredible Hulk

This was from one of my favorite Hulk/U-Foes battle, and my first!

You know the drill; They'd show up.

 Get the drop on Hulk.

Then the Hulk would make the sterotopical comeback, and then evitably something like this would happen:

Either way, a good time was had by the reader.

So I want to know, how come they aren't used more often? Is it because they're not viewed as "classic", or "important" enough?

I don't see how considering their power levels.

Again, invididually they could xause a whole hell of a mess, but together?
Plan on NOT being exactly where they are is all I'm saying...

Hopefully after the dust settles after the whole MU reboot thing, the U-Foes will come back and be used more often.

They're really not that bad of a team folks....


The King of Thessaly said...

Plus; Vector has SUCH a cool costume!
I dunno- I think it's all in a name. I like these guys, always liked when they showed up... but that name: The U-Foes. It just sounds horrible. By reflex when I hear it I think- 'They suck! Oh, no- wait; those guys, no they're cool.'

Nice pull for the first entry! I like this idea.

Dale Bagwell said...

He really does King. I imagine it's probably a little bit of a pain in the ass to draw, but blame it on their creator I say.

Yeah they definitely could've picked a wetter name. Like I said I'd have prefered the Frightful Four, but they were beat to it.

Glad you liked the inital entry.
I plan on bringing the obscure up in this piece.

karl said...

I cant say I think much of the U-Foes myself - for me they always kind of hijacked the FFs origin for their own, tho of all of them Vector looks [a] the most fearsome and [b] the best costume ever!

Dale Bagwell said...

I hear ya Karl. Unfortunetely that particular origin got plenty of re-use. The Red Ghost and his Apes, The U-Foes, Cyborg(Hank Henshaw) and his family, and countless others whose names escape me.

That being said, my only nitpick is the names X-Ray and Vapor have. Yes, they're easy to remember, but also plan and flat.

Whoever designed Vector's outfit had to be doing it to fuck with other artists when it came their turn to draw that one.

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