Monday, March 16, 2015

"Behold...The Great Destroyer"

Yeah, pretty much.

Long story short, Mr. Morbid, got unexpectedly black-out drunk relatively quick off some funnel hits. Hey, it was my first time doing the whole beer bong thing......and it ended about as well as these things tend to do with me. 
Nothing majorly hurt or destroyed(except for my mom's GPS I have to replace now since I lost it:(  )

So yeah, black out drunk. No I don't recommend nor do I think it's super cool, but tends to happen to me sometimes. I didn't even drink that much brah!
I'm just glad even though I woke up in a different set of clothes than I previously wore hours before I left. I'm just glad it mas my place I woke up in, and and not some cheap, crack-motel with a few vital organs missing. Hey, it happens apparently.

Anyways, had a decent time celebrating St. pats this weekend some old friends. 
Hope you guys had fun as well, just safer than mine was;)

Speaking of mind-fucks.......

The End

So yeah, Doom was revealed as the infamous Rabum Alal, the so-called "Great Destroyer", who's birth means death the for the Marvel Multiverse.

Man does Hickman have a lot of 'splaining to do, since this Rabum Alal was supposed to be an original creation, and not an already established character.

Here's a link for further info if you want:

I guess from reading the message boards, Hickman's been building up to the Doom reveal going all the way back to his FF run. Hmmm.

Regardless of where you find yourself on this one, with the new Secret Wars coming up soon, it mkes all kinds of sense for Doom to be involved, mirroring his original inclusion in the first one.


Randomnerd said...

I love your black out drunk stories. Although I'm amazed it's only your technology that goes missing and not you. Dude.
And holy crap! I mean, I always knew Doom had deity issues, but seriously. They'll be no talking to him after this.

Dale Bagwell said...

Thx. I wish I could remember what the hell happened. And it wasn't like I was drinking that much. Just a couple funnel shots, but that was it.

I woke up in different clothes(my own thankfully)but don't remember how I got there. Apparently though, I tore my good GL shirt off out of drunken frustration 'cause the dryer sure as hell didn't do that.

Doom. Yeah, like I said, Hickman's got a shitload of explaining to do on how all this shit syncs up.
I believe the explanation Brevoort offered was Kang and Immortus and how they're basically rhe same, just diffeent time versions.

karl said...

Good luck to Hickman trying to convince us that Rabum is somehow Doom cant recall now. It was difficult for us hardcore FF fans to work our way thru his three year forty-six issue FF mega-opus and trying to make sense of it without this Secret Wars making it more complicated/

Dale Bagwell said...

I totally agree. I quit after buying the first issue. I'm more of an instant gratification guy myself, so sitting through all that shit in the present? naaaw. That's what the future's for when I look it all up.
But don't get me wrong, I've prowled the CBR Comic boards numerous times a week just to read all the theories and conspiracies thos people come up with. I swear sometimes, that shit's more entertaining and sensical than the writer's own ideas.

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