Thursday, March 19, 2015

So, Who Would Win?: The X-Men(90's Blue Team) VS. The WildC.A.T.S.

What's up people?

So for this week's edition of So, Who Would Win?, I decided to pit two iconic teams against each other in full-on combat.

Today, I'll be pitting the 90's Blue Team-era X-Men against the team they inspired, the WildC.A.T.S.

For those not in the know, back in the early 90's, the Editors and creative staff were faced with a dilemea since there were so many X-Men around after the whole Muir Isle Saga. So, it was decided to fold all of them into the X-Men proper, but split them up into two main teams: Blue and Gold.

The Gold Team was comprised of Storm(as leader), Jean Grey, Iceman, Colossus, and Archangel, with Sunfire coming in briefly, leaving, then Bishop joined up later on to complete that team.
Yeah, not really a super-exciting line-up is it?

that's because all the good cool picks were already used on the Blue Team.

Their roster was:
Cyclops(as leader) Wolverine, Jubilee, Gambit, Psylocke, Rogue, and Beast.
If you'd had thrown in Jean and Storm, you'd have had the X-Men Animated show line-up right there.

                             (Which just so happens to be coming back, as the 92' Animated line-up is                                                      showing back up in Battleworld during Secret Wars.)

And really, Jean Grey aside, the Blue Team was by and far the best and most powerful X-Men lineup at the time. No wonder they were more popular. I know I preferred them over the Gold Team everytime.

For the WildCATS, I'm using the original line-up: Spartan, Grifter, Zealot, Warblade, Maul, and Voodoo, with Void and Lord Emp rounding things out.

Just at first glance, I'd still say the Blue Team is the odds-on favorites to win.
What you guys think?

The X-Men(Blue Team) 


The WildC.A.T.S.

(I am not ashamed to admit I had this game back in the day. Not bad for what it was.)

Who Wins and Why?
Tell me your picks in the comments' section.

Hope you guys have a good weekend, wherever you are.


googum said...

I had a friend that loved Spartan, the disposable teammate. Probably a lot of ideas in W.I.L.D.CAT's that weren't executed as well as they could've been.

Still, the X-Men in a walk. I'm not 100% on what all the WiL.D.C.ats could do...

Dale Bagwell said...

I definitely enjoyed them for what they were, but man those X-Men comparisons dogged them for life.

To break it down real briefly:

Sparan: Cyborg with limited super-strength, flight, and can shot lasers.

Grifter: Had Psi powers, but forcibly removed them. Did retain a healing factor of sorts though.

Maul: He's like Giant-Man but dumber...and green.

Voodoo: Can exorcise daemonties possessing humans and various mental abilites.

Zealot: Like WW, but minus WW's powers. Super bad-ass fighter though.

Warblade: Like Wolverine if he was a t-1000.

Then there's Void, the computer program/russian astronaut hybrid that teleports the team.

Lord Emp runs the whole shabang.
Wolverine, or fuck even Kitty Pryde could take the whole team down like nothing.

Dan W said...

The Gold team wasn't super exciting?! You're killing me! Archangel, Storm, Jean, Colossus all on the same team? No one on the blue team was as powerful as Phoenix or Ororo, so I'm not sure how blue was more powerful either - still different strokes different folks.

I think the decider of this battle comes down to Voodoo and Zealot vs Psylocke and Beast, while Rogue vs Maul, Grifter vs Gambit etc would be great, I think those four are the ones with no real equal on the other teams.

Vodoo is telekinetic as well as telepathic so she'd take Psylocke, but I'm pegging Beast's strength, agility and speed to handle her and Zealot easy. Blue ball of fur for the win!

Dale Bagwell said...

Hey Dan. Interesting take.
Rogue takes out Maul based off her powers alone. She could drain his powers off, thus beating him easily. Hell she could do this for most of the tam, except for Spartan.

Different storkes indeed. Yeah Jean and Storm alone are two of the most powerful mutants around, but around that time period, Jean was kinda'portrayed as not being as powerful as she would later be regarded. Probably because of the whole Phoenix thing. I'm thinking Psylocke checks Jean just like she did in X-Men#1(1991. Rogue would have to take Storm, alone with some other X-men to help shut her down.

Zealot would in turn be checked by Wolverine and/or Psylocke.

I just think overall the Blue Team was more well-rounded power and skill-wise. Plus like I said, the Blue Team had the more popular cast.

Dan W said...

Rouge's powers only work if she can catch people by surprise and I love Psylocke, but she's a shadow against Jean mate.

Dale Bagwell said...

Overall and 9 times out of 10, I'd agree with yu in Jean going over Psylocke, even with her ninja abilities.

But again, based off how Jean was handled and portrayed power-wise at that particular time period, she wasn't as powerful as she's later be portrayed. If she was, I think the X-Cutioner's Song and the other X-related crossover storylines would've gone a lot differenty, and definitely more in the X-Men's favor.

Dude, imagine a Phoenix-level Jean during Onslaught, and then fighing Onslaught. Jean would either straight out win after a lenghty battle, or the battle between the two would wipe out the MU with no one being shifted to a created universe because there'd be no time to run from the fallout.

Anyhoo, while even then Jean would probably edge out Betsy power-wise, Betsy would have her other skills to hold off/keep Jean distracted enough to be taken out.

Rogue's powers don't necessairly rely on the element of surprise. Sure they can work that way, but even if you saw it coming, you still couldn't stop it. why?

Maybe in the battle she absorbed some of her teammates' or Maul's teamamates abilites. Combine that with the powers and abilites she already absorbed from Ms. Marvel(Super-strength, Super-fast flying speed, etc) and there's no way anyone outside of Void successfully avoids Rogue.

As for Voodoo, she was the stripper-version of Psylocke....but without the fighting abilities to compliment her powers. Powers that were still sub-par when to directly comparng tem to Psylocke and Jean.
Hell, at this particualr junture, Zealot hadn't really trained Voodoo in the ways of the Coda, so yeah, Voodoo doesn't last long in this one for me.

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