Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Back-Issue Spotlight: Thor#491 (Vol.1)

So, Hump Day......

                                               THEY FINALLY CAME YESTERDAY!!!!

Trust me, they're as badass as they look.

Okay so for this week's edition of Back-Issue Spotlight, I took a peek through my Marvel list, and found this one:

Thor#491(Vol.1) (October '95)  "Nailed Up" by Warren Ellis and Mike Deodato Jr.)

I don't know if you guys knew or remembered, but back in the late 90's writer extraordinare Warren Ellis started working for marvel comcis, where he found himself almost randomly plunked down into any title an editor would put him. In late 95', Ellis landed the writing job on Thor. This was way after the DeFalco/Frenz era and the Roy and Danni Thomas run.... 

The Issue opens up with Thor writing aout how he's essentially dying.

Someone or something has kidnapped the world tree Yggdrasil, the tree of life, according to the Norse gods.
 And by doing so, has convinced it that Ragnarok(the rapture or ultimate doomsday apocalypse for the Norse) has happened, thus ending the current life cycle of the all the gods, starting from scatch.

By this happening, the Norse gods have become reborn and scattered through out the universe(or really just Earth for the sake of convience.)

Thor's a mortal now. And Dying. 
He's a shell of his former self. 
Almost like looking at a dying AIDS or Cancer paient.
There's only one thing left he can do.Thor calls up to his father, Odin.

How's reallt not that pleased to be summoned by his son.

In fact, he's raging like he's on the rag. Bad.

He calls him a failure and banishes him from ever stepping foot in Asgard again, effectively giving him a death sentence.

Left to die, Thor gets attacked, and then gets saved by The Enchantress?

Yeah, her.

Check it out folks. It's a pretty good reed from a forgotten nice run Eliis had until that whole Heroes Reborn thing killed it.

They....they....they were okay for the time. Not the absolute worst in my opinion, and for damn sure never the best.

Marvel tried. Bankrupcy will tend to do that to you.


Randomnerd said...

Oh Ellis. I love your mad genius. Even when it's forgotten and lost in amongst a pile of bankrupted crap.
Sweet figure. Need to get a hand on that one. I'm glad it finally came for you.

Dale Bagwell said...

It's a criminally short run. One nitpick though was that Ellis was so enthralled or obsessed with John Contastantine, that he created versions of him in this run and in Excalibur, with Pete Wisdom. Just read the dialogue.
But yeah, Thor with Ellis' dark touch of Vetigo? The possibilities.

Thx. me too:)

Randomnerd said...

I firmly believe there is another universe out there with Ellis versions of every character. It's scary, and dark, and you probably don't want to live there. Just visit and write morbid poetry about the sojourns.

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