Thursday, March 05, 2015

So, Who Would Win?: Thor VS. Hercules

TGIT, or Thank God It's Thor's Day!!!!!

Speaking of Thor, how about we go ahead and include him in this week's edition of  So, Who Would Win?

But who to match up against?

How about an old fried and some-time sparring partner, Hercules?

Honestly, after all these years, wouldn't you like a definitive answer as to who's better; Thor or Hercules?

And trust me, they've had plenty of battles over the years.....

No, not like this!

More like this!





Who Wins and Why?

Tell me what you think....

Hope you have a good weekend guys and gals


Randomnerd said...

Thor would lightning smoke his ass.

Dale Bagwell said...

That and his strength-doubling belt should work. But can he outdrink him? I say thee nay.

Randomnerd said...

He could definitely break more mugs.

The King of Thessaly said...

This is a good one... but I think it would end in a draw..... (Even though Thor got thoroughly owned by Herc in Blood Oath!) Eventually Hercules would get distracted by bitches and beer. Then the two of them would have... adventures in space or something. GET ON IT, BOB LAYTON!!!

Dale Bagwell said...

Random: And tabs. oh lord the tabs man, the TABS......

King: Right!? He's already revisited his IM days, why not some Herc too?