Monday, March 30, 2015

Queer Eye For The Kung-Fu Guy

S'up People. Miss me?

Ol' Mr. Morbid took a spring break.....and missed you all horribly.
That's not to say I didn't work on some new banners for this blog though.

Here's a sample:

Whatta' guys think?
Pretty cool huh?

Check out my SWAG from last week:

The New BAF Hobgoblin Wave Spider-Man:

And from the DCUC's 19th Wave, Magog:

Shit got real!!!!!

And now, onto today's skit:

The End


karl said...

I gotta dig that fourth logo you have there Dale. Its a winner.
What isn't is that fight between Iron Fist (lol) and the kewpie figure that's Karate Kid. Two kung fu fuckers who are too evenly matched I couldn't choose between the two. And theres too much white going on in their outfits lol.

Dale Bagwell said...

Thx karl. I sometimes go through so many variations of the same one bc there's so many options to play around with. I like the current banner right now, so we'll see how long it stays.

I don't know if you read the Justice League issue a few years back that had Karate Kid fight Batman, but that fight alone should tell you how rediculously skilled KK is. But Danny's no slough either. I've always wanted to see him and Shang-Chi duke it out for bragging rights.

Yes, way too much white, but before Labor Day, so they're good;)

The King of Thessaly said...

Ya got some Donnie Darko, some Clockwork Orange... Good stuff. -I like the 3rd one down best.

What do you guys mean "too much white" ya damn racists!!!

Dale Bagwell said...

King: LOL. You know what we mean;)
Thx for checking those out though.

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