Thursday, March 12, 2015

What The Fuck Were They Thinking?: The Spot


Been awhile since I've done this, but really Marvel?


Take a look at the latest inductee into the hall of shame, The Spot.

True Story!

Yes, folks, this is litterally what masterbation looks like. Tell a friend.

The Spot's about as D/Z-list as you get, with one of the wierdest costume designs around.

Debuting in the Spectacular Spider-Man#98( Jan '85), The Spot was once a scientist name hired by the Kingpin to re-create the transportation abilities of the hero Cloak(of Cloak and Dagger fame).

Now even according to comic book science, I'm not exactly sure how you'd be able to artifically re-create something like that, especially since Cloak's well cloak, houses a constant portal to the dark dimension.

Then again, a combintion of rare genes and a highly-charged dose of super-crack/smack is what's responsible for Cloak and Dagger getting their powers anyways. So

Anyhoo, the then Dr. Jeffery Ohmn wind up going through an artifically opened portal....and walked through it.
It wasn't the dark dimension he fell into, but a different one altogether. Quickly lost in a growing sea of small, black portals, Ohmn picked one to go through, and wind up back in his lab. Just not as his usual self.
Thanks to the radiation and exposure to the portals, his body was altered to such an extent, that it became permantly covered in the black portals. Thus turning Ohmn into 101 Dalmation just the Spot, but alas an equally dumb name.

Fast-forward to many years later, and the Spot's still a joke, getting his spotted-ass handed to him anytime he mixes it up with Spider-Man or any other Marvel hero unfortunate enough to have to toss him a good beating.

I know Mark Waid tried to rehibilitate him into a more proactive and agressive villain, ala Coyote. But that too fell through.
Poor Spot.

Dispite having a cool power overall, you just can't escape the D/Z-list staus you fell into the minute you were born.

Al Migrom. Herb Trimbe. Gentlemen......
What The Fuck Were You Thinking!?


The King of Thessaly said...

You rat-fucking-bastard!

I wish you could see my middle finger- because I'm sticking it out as hard as I can right now.

The Spot is awesome! His power is fantastic. He was on the Spider-Man Revenge Squad! -And they were hilarious!!! He was in the Sinister Sixteen! He broke Tombstone outta prison, and then Tombstone snapped his neck!
SHOW SOME RESPECT! Favorite title, favorite rouges-gallery, and you suck! *rages for hours*

Dale Bagwell said...

My work here is done;)

Dale Bagwell said...

Oh, and he was on MODOK's 11 too!

The King of Thessaly said...

That's right! HE WAS!!! -You sonuvabitch...

Dale Bagwell said...


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