Thursday, January 31, 2013

Back-Issue Spotlight: The Savage Dragon# 33


Watched Arrow last night and it was pretty decent.
Last night's episode revealed that the Chinese hooded man seemingly "betrayed" Ollie as a means to save him from a sure death at the hands of Deathstroke. He makes it look like he choked out and killed Ollie, and volunteers to dump his body over a cliff rather than have Deathstroke do it himself. The hooded man secretly revives Ollie and slips a map into his pocket before rolling him off the cliff. Very cool reveal, that perhaps lets us know the guy must have know why Ollie was so important after all.

Oh, and the the explanation behind how The Count(Vertigo) got his name was cute. His legend grew due to the dead bodies of his victims having puncture wounds in their neck resembling a vampire bite. Like I said cute. Also this Count has no powers, but does use his custom drug called "Vertigo" to do just that; leave you paralyzed and in pain while your sense of balance is super distorted.

Other than that, it wasn't a bad episode in general. Ollie finds out from his Tech chick that his mom also had a similar book of names like his father did, and that Walter was the person to figure this out. So it'll be interesting to see what Ollie does with this new info.

A nice little Easter egg if you happened to catch it, was when Thea's full name was revealed during her court hearing. It's Thea Deardon Queen.

Well if you know you're Green Arrow supporting cast history, you know that is the comic version of Artemis's name. Well a variation of it. Artemis's full name was Mia Deardon. So very nice homage there by the show's writers.

Hopefully things will start to pick up, as this little bits of action, and more emphasis on the type of teen angsty drama stuff that is the hallmark of shows on the CW is starting to wear on me. But like I said, it's the CW, so what do you expect right?

For today's Back-Issue Spotlight, I've chosen The Savage Dragon#33 from Nov 1996.

Gotta' love that cover right?;)

Yep, still stuck in the 90's. Trust me there's a lot more where that comes from.

Anyhoo, I chose this particular issue because Googum and I just so happened to briefly talk about it last week.

We got on the subject of this issue due to talking about The Hulk, and how most of his supporting cast are just  about all gamma-irradiated monsters like him. Who knew that was going happen right?

So we happened to pick out one guy who wasn't, but probably could've benefited from it the most, Jim Wilson. He was an old sidekick of the Hulk's back in the day, and just so happened to contract AIDS. He asked the Hulk for a blood transfusion, and Bruce/Hulk basically said no, and that there was no telling what could happen to him if he did, other than maybe saving his life and turning him into another Hulk possibly.
(Go find The Incredible Hulk# 288 for the full story on that one.)

Well in the previous issue to this one, a fellow police officer in Dragon's precinct is also dying of  AIDS, and doesn't have very long to live. He asks Dragon for a blood transfusion since it seems the Dragon can't be killed(at least it sure seems that way) and Dragon does it.

Fast-forward to this issue and all seems okay at first. Phil(the cop's name) quickly transforms into a version of  Dragon, and off to the races we go.

I don't know if this was Larsen's take on how he'd write the same situation as the Jim Wilson/Hulk dilemma, but he did just the same, and not surprisingly it doesn't take very long for things to go downhill with Phil ultimately blowing up all over his partner.....while his partner's driving mind you.

So that's what would happen. Good to know;)

A really amusing image is Dragon's two ridiculously skinny, stick-figure arms that occurs as a result of the transfusion. It's fucking comical to see such a serious situation going on, yet Dragon's lugging around those stick-figure arms. They return back to normal by the end of the story, but still, very funny indeed to see that.

Meanwhile Dragon's baby's momma, Rapture is about to give birth to their son, and he's not waiting to be squeezed out either. He quickly claws and rips his out of her stomach, and out comes his son Malcolm.

Now some quick back story here regarding the whole Rapture/Dragon thing. Rapture and Dragon were a steady thing until Rapture proposed to Dragon. He turned her down because he thought he was sterile and couldn't give her children. Well later she turns up pregnant, and Dragon just doesn't believe that her baby is his. Of course with Rapture giving birth to a baby Dragon kind of changes all that.

Well after much debate and and a discussion with his cop friends, he decides to go and propose to Rapture. Except she's no longer in the mood, since she's just found out the baby's dead. What's that you say? Dead? But I thought?

Yeah, it was all a fake-out by a large rogue and criminal government organization called The Covenant. They were a bunch of bad guys that turned up everywhere in the Image universe, and fought just about every Image hero under the sun, including Spawn too.

They made both Dragon and Rapture believe Malcolm was dead so that they could raise him as their own personal superhuman, or whatever Malcolm is.

In the end, Malcolm wind up reunited back with his father, but that's a story for a another time.
Suffice to say Rapture didn't take the news of her son's death too well, and that was pretty much that for her and Dragon's relationship.

Erik Larsen's Savage Dragon still continues to this day, where's it's up in the high 220's now, with Malcolm replacing his father as the main lead. Gusty move by Larsen if you ask me.

And trust me, this issue wasn't even the most offensive cover or story-wise. Nope. Go check out TSD#31, where Larsen has God brawling with Satan, with a scene where God says "You don't fuck with God!" in nice bold letters.

It's true, go look it up.

And that's me for this week. I'll be here 1st thing Monday afternoon with the 1st post of the month of February. Aww man, I cannot believe tomorrow's already going to be Feb the 1st. Fuck me!

Also I'm now on Tumblr, so feel free to check me out there. Just look up mrmorbidshouseoffun and you'll find me.

Have a damn good weekend people:)............


Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

oh my God that cover so reminds me of The Fly remake with Jeff Goldblum and Geen Davis. GREAT FUCKEN MOVIE a total lassic in the sci-fi horror genre.

Dale Bagwell said...

Yeah, now that you mention it, it kinda' does, especially the beginning scenes in the sequel where she's giving birth to her fly-baby.

I've watched both the original and remake versions of the Fly, but really seem to prefer the remake myself.

Larsen's had a bunch of similar shocking covers like this one over the years, but this one definitely ranks up there.

Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

yeah i'm surprised i'm seeing it for the first time i would have expected that cover to have made it's rounds on the net over the years. let me hit you back over here on your comment on the SS blog.

aside from the insane prices of comic book action figures these days the biggest failing of the YJ figures was their in-articulation. even after all these years action figure manufacturers still haven't figured out that people like their action figures to have working joints much like the human body.

i currently have Countdown issues 22, 39 and 52 which i picked up because i felt they all had pretty significant Squad tie-ins. but i've also browsed through numerous other Countdown back issues that i noticed had a page or maybe two worth of Squad related stuff in them but not significant enough to pick up. it's possible that page i posted might be from a Countdown issue i missed that's worth picking up but it's just too hard to be sure as of yet.

as for Arrow, i was long since burnt out on that teenish/Twilight after the first few seasons on Smallville already. i most of last week's episode by chance but despite having Ben Browder (from Farscape) in it i just wasn't into it.

and lastly, i saw your comment on Googum's blog about Marvel Two in One issue#99 for which you may find today's posting on the Rom blog of some interest.

Dale Bagwell said...

Actually it was Marvel: Two-in-One#96, but that's cool;)

Articulation is a major, major factor when I myself by action figures. Sure paint apps and detailed sculpts account for a lot, but for me, figures live and die by articulation, or some cases lack of articulation.

It's why I usually stick with the DCUC and Marvel Legends toy lines.

Those YJ figures, outside of a couple 6 inchers, like Aqualad, Artemis, Arsenal, and Superboy kept the usual articulation of a typical DCUC figure, and then some how the manufacturers of the 3 inch line, said "Hey, fuck those kids, they'll buy anything, even these dinky, over-priced toys that can't move much for shit. Let's over-price 'em!" Such bullshit.

It's all to keep costs down and profits up, yet it ultimately short-changes the consumer no matter how much $ the manufacturer's trying to save.

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