Monday, February 04, 2013

"Are you in?"

What's up people?

So who watched the Super Bowl last night? Did your team win?

I only briefly watched the 3rd and 4th quarters myself, and both times the Ravens were in the lead.
I don't usually follow football anymore at all like I used to when I was a kid. I just lost interest in the same repetitive plays that happen over and over again, just with different players every few years. It's just dumb to me unless you're betting on the games(Right Goo?;)

Still, I was surprised who made it to the actual super bowl. I never really even considered the Ravens or 49ers, and thus that probably explains that I truly haven't been keeping on all the teams like I did back in the day.


It felt like a 2nd Christmas to me this weekend, as the owner of my local comic book store messaged me on Facebook to tell me he bought over 450 various Marvel and DC action figures. Well I hit that bitch like a bat out of hell, and quickly found myself overwhelmed by the sheer number of loose(he he;) figures he had in the back. Barry(the owner's name) is such a cool guy, and knew how into buying action figures I am, that he let me have 1st pick of 'em. There were so many ML and DCUC figures to chose from! There's no way I can possibly buy them all, but not for lack of trying;)

Well for 80$, I bought:

- the classic DCUC Red Tornado(who I've been wanting for awhile)
- DC Superheroes Lex Luthor in his big green battle-suit(sweet)
- DCUC Orion w/his astro glider(Very sweet-looking figure. Might hang him from the ceiling)
- Marvel Legends Moon Knight
- Marvel Legends 1st App. Iron Man(Grey and missing his face-plate. Still waiting on that one)
- DCUC The Demon(He's so fucking cool I can't even describe in words how awesome that fucker is)
- #'s 17 and 7 of the old Suicide Squad series(Makes you both appreciative and sad about the strength of Ostrander's writing and how the current series can never hope to compare to it:(
- Death Match#2 (Damn good mini by Boom Comics pitting Hero vs. Hero in a hunger games-like tournament  Like Avengers Arena, but waaaay better)
-And #1 of Thrillkiller, a DC Elseworlds mini set in the 60's feat. Batgirl and Robin as the leads.

So all-in-all, not bad huh?

There were so many to go back for like a loose DCUC Joker, Gorilla Grodd, DC Superheroes Darkseid, ML Havok, Captain Britain, The Sentry, and more.

Oh god the choices!!!!!!!!

Alright, had to calm down there for a second.

Today's skit centers around the familiar heroes of Charlton Comics, like the Blue Beetle(Ted Kord), The Question, and Captain Atom.

See Ted's kind of pissed about the whole popularity of the Before Watchmen titles out there, and how they're selling pretty damn well. Ted figures since they're the originals that the Watchmen are based off of, they should get a cut of the action as well.

Let's see how well Ted's plan to get the old band back together works, if at all........

Later that day......

The End

I guess you can't fault Ted for trying right?

;) Have a good one guys.......


Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

in my search for new Suicide Squad stuff i've come across stuff from Charlton Comics and i thought it was pretty interesting to find out that Nightshade and Peacemaker were not originally DC characters. not to mention how the Watchmen characters were based on some of those core Charlton characters. as i understand it Nightshade was basically forerunner to Silk Specter.

as for Young Justice i liked it but it wasn't nearly as good as the last two episodes. but i understand why they had it their obviously building up these new characters for upcoming shit with Lex Luther. but at the same time i didn't like having the story line of the last two episodes disrupted. but at the end theere with the Black, Blaue and Green Beetles i was like oh shit!

Dale Bagwell said...

Yeah, I was surprised at those three all showing up in the same spot. I figure Blue's(and maybe Green)playing the black beetle, unless they're both secretly under his control. I guess we'll see next week then.

And yeah, the bit w/the kids and Lex will wont end well for the kids. I guess he'll brainwash them into becoming his private YJ for the Light or something, or as a defense against the Reach. Seems ol' paranoid Lex doesn't trust the reach either, meaning a showdown w/them on his part might happen towards the end.

Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

i'm sure whatever they're building up to it will be good. despite the occasional "so so" episode i've learned to have faith in the writing on that show. by the way i did some digital coloring on some fan art i picked up from Deviant Art i posted on the Rom blog yesterday i think you'll like it. there's some other cool YJ related stuff i came across recently but i might as well just email it to you i don't think much of anybody has been following these blogs lately. fuck it man i ain't gonna keep putting all this work and time in posting if hardly anyone is gonna read this shit.

Dale Bagwell said...

Ha ha, brother I'm so with you on that last one statement. Oh so true. But that's always been the debate/struggle with me as well. And you find yourself asking, "Am I doing this strictly to entertain myself, or to entertain others? It's pretty much both, but yeah, when you don't get enough encouraging comments, despite knowing full well that there are people reading, they just provide input, it just sucks.

We soldier on though right?

Dale Bagwell said...

Meant to type they don't provide input. Stupid fingers;)

Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

everyone is MIA all of a sudden have you noticed how long it's been since Dan stopped posting? i enjoy blogging but the minute it's not fun any more i have no problem calling it quits this shit is time consuming. haven't seen randomnerd anywhere this year yet. seems like every one has more important things to deal with lately. Dale, i'm starting to think it's a sign.

Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

. . . even if you go to The Tiger Cage it's basically been you, me and OA1 in a circle jerk since his Black Manta posting last month. all things being equal isn't there anybody else out there who watches Young Justice? i might as well just fucken email you guys. by the way Dale are you on Faacebook . . . aw never mind :)

Dale Bagwell said...

Yeah, I'm on FB. Didn't even think to look you or Omega up on there. I'm such a bad friend;)

Now that you mention it, yeah, haven't seen Randomnerd around. And Dan's not posting as much as he used to either. I figured maybe that's because he just moved and still has shit to sort out. It's cool.

Like you said, I'll keep doing this until it's fun anymore for me, but until then, same bat-time, same bat-channel.

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