Thursday, January 17, 2013

Top 5 Songs: Brothers

TGIT Morbid-teers!

So I watched both Arrow and AHS:Asylum and loved them both.


 Last night's episode of Arrow was all about Ollie getting his groove back after nearly dying at the hands of the Dark Archer. So that wasn't too bad to see. We also saw Ollie rack up his 1st official kill on the island, even if was through dumb luck. And it looks like Laurel and Ollie as the Arrow will collaborating and a regular basis not that she has a Arrow's own personal Arrow-Phone to reach him. Think of it like the Bat-Phone from the 60's TV show, and you'll get the idea. So all-around solid episode, even though it was mostly talking, drama, and less fight scenes.(Although the idea of that burnt fireman killing of other fire-fighters wasn't a bad idea) But that's okay, since things heat back up next week.

AHS:Asylum continues to blow my mind and entertain me to no end! I love all the neat twists the story takes, just when you think you've figured it all out and know how it'll all end.


I love how the episode began with Kit pulling the bloody ax out of Grace. For minute there, I'd thought he snapped or was possessed and killed her himself. But no. Actually Alma did, as is later revealed in the show. She's locked up @ Briarcliff, where she later dies. "Her heart just mysteriously gave out", is how it's explained to Kit. Poor Guy. He loses both Grace and Alma in very short span. I wonder how his story really ends next week.

Likewise Lana Winters' story is looking to wrap up as well. During a book reading, she starts reliving all of the horrible things that were done to her, talking to a very dead Dr.Thredson(her baby's daddy) and her ex-lover while in the midst of her reading. Afterwards Kit shows up and they talk. Mostly about why Lana didn't write that expose' on Briarcliff(sorry I incorrectly jumped the gun yesterday on that one) And that surprise, surprise, Sister Jude's not dead as she was led to believe.  Kit says he saw her after Alma died, and wants to spring her from Briarcliff.

Oh and her homicidal son Johnny's looking to even the score with her for abandoning him. and he wants to kill her. Isn't that precious?;)

Finally we see how the years have been to poor sister Jude, and they haven't been at all kind to her. The Mon Senior lied to her and said he was getting her out of Briarcliff since he was becoming a cardinal in NY. But she finds out he was lying to her, while also finding out just how much of her mind she's losing, as she realizes after talking to the new boss of Briarcliff that she's lost about 2-3 years of her memories. This further unhinges her, and all seems lost for her, until Kit shows up and tells her he's getting her out.

So yeah, can't wait until next week season finale. God it's going to good!

For today's edition of the Top 5, I wanted to go in a different direction, and chose a more modern and contemporary band. That band being The Black Keys.

I first became aware of them back in 2011(wow that actually hurts typing "back in 2011") and really enjoyed their music ever since. They were part of the new wave of Garage Rock bands back in 2001, and have steadily risen up the charts due to their classic rock appeal and new blues/rock sound. 

Sp today's album of choice to pick the top 5 songs from is their 6th album, Brothers.

Gotta' love a simple cover like this one right?;)

Brothers came out in 2010 and became a smash hit for the band, earning them 3 Grammy Awards in 2011 for "Best Alternative Rock Music Album", "Best Rock Performance by a Group or Duo", and "Best Recording Package".

Oh and they went Double Platinum as well with this album. So not bad huh?

So lets get to it shall we?

5). "Tighten Up"

This was big hit single for the band off this album, and holds up as a pretty decent-sounding song as well. I love how it begins, with the whistling and wickedly sharp guitar riffs. Hey I'm a sucker for either one, and then to have both in the same song, yeah I'm sold. It showcases what I really dig about the band's songs, and this the 50's guitar-like riffs and sounds. Love 'em.

And the lyrics aren't half bad either;)

4). "Ohio"

If you're a fan of those songs that seem to be dedicated or about a certain city that's special to them, then the song "Ohio" is the one for you. Paying homage and tribute to their home town and state of Akron, OH, "Ohio" is just a simple, classic shout out to their beloved town. Nothing wrong with that. Especially if you just so happen to live in Akron, OH. 

3). "Next Girl"

Oh I know all about this song. Due to how things have turned out in my personal life(don't worry I'll stop talking about...eventually;) I can really sympathize and appreciate the message and story behind "Next Girl" After all who of us hasn't been there, thinking how we'd treat the next girl/guy in our lives better the the last ones. So true.

Just read these kick-ass lyrics and tell me it doesn't resonate with you as well:

The look of the cake 
It ain't always the taste 
My ex girl she had 
Such a beautiful face

I wanted love 
But not for myself 
But for the girl 
So she could love herself

My next girl 
Will be nothing like my ex girl 
I made mistakes back then 
I'll never do it again 
With my next girl 
She'll be nothing like my ex girl 
That was a painful dance 
Now I got a second chance

A beautiful face 
And a wicked way 
And I'm paying for her 
Beautiful face every day
All that work 
Over so much time If I think too hard 
I might lose my mind

My next girl 
Will be nothing like my ex girl 
I made mistakes back then 
I'll never do it again 
With my next girl 
She'll be nothing like my ex girl 
That was a painful dance 
Now I got a second chance

2). Howlin' For You"

I love the "Na-Na-Na's" that sporadically appear in different songs throughout the years, and this one continues that proud tradition. "Howlin' for you" is a really great party song, as in you play it in the background or the foreground of a part, and everyone(mostly) will enjoy it. Another good point to add about this other hit single off the album, is that it and the title are big homages to a huge musical influence on the band, the legendary blues-man Howlin' Wolf.

You gotta' hear it to love it, and I think you will if you don't already.

And finally......

1). "Ten Cent Pistol"

I love, LOVE this song! The drum beat and guitar riffs, the whole production just gels and mixes so damn well. It has that hint of Spaghetti Western/Robert Rodriguez/Quentin Tarantino vibe to it, due to those awesomely retro guitar riffs. That's a big part of why I enjoy the Black Keys' music so much; the whole retro respect thing they have going on with their songs.Love it. It's that one foot in the past, with another foot and eye towards the present. Love it.

Oh, and  forgot to mention, this particular album was mixed and produced by famous producer Danger Mouse. Remember him? He's the guy behind The Gray Album, that mixed The Beatles' White Album with Jay-Z's The Black Album. Yeah, same guy, same great sound.

So go pick this one up or download a few of the songs listed here, and tell me what you think. I'm sure you won't regret it.

That's me, so have a good weekend people........


Omega Agent1 said...

!!!!! It's like that. I couldn't say anything until I heard the music. Dale these Boyz are Bad.

You might have just introduced me to my favorite new tag team. Andre and Big Boi held the title until they went solo.

You educated your man too. Didn't know Danger Mouse did the production. That's my people, CeeLo, Danger Mouse Gnarles Barkley.

OA1 / the Tiger Cage / and the Black Keys.

Dale Bagwell said...

Well Hell Yeah!

Never anything wrong with discovering new music is there? You never know who you might end up liking one you hear the music, and I definitely do with this album, and two more from them. If you like what you heard, then give their next album after this one, El Camino a try, as well as the one before Brothers, like Attack and Release and Rubber Factory. I think you might really enjoy those.

Hey I'm a fan of Danger Mouse myself; not only for his own work which has been featured heavily on Adult Swim, but also for the Grey Album. It wasn't something I though would mesh well, but DM made a believer out of me with that one.

Again, glad you enjoyed and got something out of this one. It's a big part of why I do these reviews. Not just to challenge me, but to hopefully introduce artists and songs to those who might not have had a chance to listen to them.

Nothing wrong with that;)

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