Monday, January 14, 2013

All about ROM

What's up people?

Enjoy the weekend much?
I know I have here in SC, but only due to the very nice Summer-like weather that seems to be hanging around until Thursday. Yes sir, it's been constantly in the 70's here during the day, and yes I'm loving every minute of it. It helps motivate me to go outside and actually take pictures.

the recent episodes of Young Justice and Green Lantern were pretty damn good. I also enjoyed the animated shorts as well, with the 1930's Batman of Shanghai looking really good and worthy of it's own animated movie. Make it happen DC!

Also, the Amethyst stuff wasn't bad either.It's really custom made for the tween/Nickelodeon/Disney crowd, and trust me, that;s not necessarily a bad thing. There really should be more DC comic cartoons that are geared towards younger kids, and Amethyst seems to be the one to really support. Perhaps a full-length animated movie for her as well. Definitely better developed than the current comic version.

And now for the feature presentation, and something I'm sure Shlomo will really dig,

today's skit, called "All About ROM".

Sadly, "Q"'s got point on that one.

Also, while the normal retail of ML/DCUC/DC Unlimited figures seems to not be coming out until spring, I've been keeping busy buying up past-released figures and back issues.

I recently bough the C&C Arkillo figure, who's fucking huge!
Then The GLC Manhunter figure, as well as Mongul Jr, who was briefly a member of the Sinestro Corps before the reboot. Since the paint production crew decided Mongul Jr, should be as pink and pastel-colored as possible, I'm thinking of using him as the "Gay Son", much like Alan Scott's son Obsidian. 

Don't worry, there'll be plenty of skit opportunities for these guys in the future;)

Have a good one people.........


Dan said...

Every time I see Deathlok I wish sales didn't matter you had spinner racks full of c grade characters again. I miss me Demolisher!

As always mr Morb - nicely done!

Dale Bagwell said...

Thanks Dan. I figured what the hell, and decided to thrown in a random character like him in the mix. Of course the fact that he's part robot/computer does tend to go with the whole ROM bit though. I think I nailed that annoying "ping ping" thing too, whatta' think?

Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

sorry i'm a bit late to shis party. you put some real creative writting into this posting with all the word play, especially with the Boston Brand and Romney bit. hopefully i'll remember that great line about the village idiot cause that would work so well to drop on some "progressive" terror supporter in one of my future videos. that Question figure looks really good by the way. as for Deathlock, if you looked like that and had what's left of your brain jacked up to a computer tell me you wouldn't be downloading porn 24/7.

Dale Bagwell said...

Glad you enjoyed this one Shlomo. I did a bit of work on it, but I'm pretty pleased with the end result myself though.

And if In looked like Deathlok, yeah I'd being doing that too since you know he wouldn't even be able to get hookers to come to him. Poor bastard...what's a horny killing machine to do?

Omega Agent1 said...

Damn good writing. I wasn't ready to leave the station.

Dale Bagwell said...

I wasn't either while writing this one Omega. I had just as much fun coming up with this shit as you no doubt had reading it;)

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