Tuesday, January 15, 2013

"My Two Dads"

If you're stuck reading the title of this new post, no it's not what you think. This is not about that 80's sitcom from yesteryear. But it does have two "dads" in it.....sort of.

Anybody familiar enough with the show "Squidbillies" on Adult Swim will see where I got my inspiration from on this one;)


Omega Agent1 said...

This was good man, and finished strong. "Lets go get that sum bitch" says the smack man.

And the newest Green Arrow figure is dope. I need to get one.

Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

speaking of double archers i lked last weekend YJ but i really can't wait to see what happens with the Roy Harpers now. by the way Dale that cosplay chick (WHITE LEMON a.k.a Florence ) left a comment right after you. maybe i should take my next vacation in Spain?

Dale Bagwell said...

Thanks Omega. As I mentioned earlier I was kind of having the new GA and Roy channel the squidbillies, thus why they sound so damn redneck-ish;)

I'm lovin' the new GA figure as well. He's really well-sculpted and detailed, plus I can pretend(but I don't) that he's from the Arrow TV show.

He's really a good figure to have to play out the longbow years and to interact w/ Bronze Tiger.

Me too Shlomo, me too. And I'll head to the comments section now.

googum said...

Awesome. I'd call Ollie (or Ollies) a deadbeat dad, but I think it's more ADD than anything. Roy's just lucky he's old enough to feed himself, or Ollie would've forgot to feed him...

Omega Agent1 said...

Dude you wouln't believe me if I told you / I'm telling you. I've been trying to post for hours now with no luck. It seems like it's a ghost in the shell or something.

Maybe I'm being attacked by circuit gremlins. This is a frustrated rant I know (somehow doing here just felt right).

Anyway White lemon is one of cosplays finest. If she showed up at my mans door, would he slam the door, freak out then open it back up and say hi :) I'm joking Shlomo's a cool cutter and a class act (he'd freak out after the date).

Dale Bagwell said...

@Googum: So true man, so true. Thx for stopping by, glad you enjoyed it as much as I did making it;)

@Omega: I hear ya' man. Sometimes I'll be posting comments, they say it's been published, but when I go back, no comment. So yeah, some freaky shit is definitely going on around here.